2.00 Carat Genuine LB Diamond and White Diamond 18K Yellow Gold Ring

Put away your small and delicate jewelry, because it’s time to go big. Cocktail rings that were popular in the 1920s are back, and they’re here to stay. Cocktail rings are the perfect way to add drama and bling to your evening looks. They can have big gems or sparkly designs. No matter what you’re wearing, whether it’s a little black dress or an elegant silk gown that needs a touch of glam, these rings can instantly take it to the next level.

We’ve made a list of irresistible cocktail rings that you’ll want to add to your jewelry collection for years to come. Scroll down to choose your favorite eye-catcher.

Diamond ring with a scalloped edge

This diamond cocktail ring is sophisticated and has a lot of sparkles. The diamonds on this ring are set in a halo of diamonds, and the scalloped outer halo makes the whole thing look great. This modern cocktail ring is both stylish and beautiful at the same time.

Ring with a black onyx stone

If you haven’t already, this ring is a great way to see how beautiful black onyx is if you haven’t already. This black onyx cocktail ring is a real head-turner thanks to the checkerboard-cut stone in the middle. This ring, which has a halo of sparkling diamonds around it, will make any outfit stand out.

Ring with an aquamarine cushion

You want to make a modern cocktail ring, right? We have the perfect ring for you, so don’t breathe! This aquamarine cocktail ring with a cushion-cut stone that looks like ice is modern and glamorous. The twisted shank ring shines like no other with its halo of sparkling diamonds.

A cocktail ring with a triple halo and a garnet

This gorgeous garnet cocktail ring will make you the talk of the town. The halo of three diamonds around the oval gemstone makes the ring stand out. This cocktail ring made of 14k white gold is a mesmerizing work of art that oozes glamour from every angle.

Cocktail ring with GIA-certified Ceylon sapphire

This cocktail ring will always get noticed because it has a beautiful Sri Lankan cushion sapphire on it. The pave-set diamonds on the shank of this ring give it a luxurious shine that shines when you move your hand. With this GIA-certified sapphire cocktail ring, you can show that you are sophisticated and wealthy.

Ring with an opal in a cathedral style

This cocktail ring in the style of a cathedral has a beautiful round opal that plays with color in a stunning way. This beautiful piece is a work of art. It has round diamonds that sparkle and milgrain work. This ring shines like no other, so you’ll be the center of attention at every party you go to.

Cocktail ring with a Morganite sunflower

This morganite cocktail ring, which is shaped like a sunflower, is completely unique and fiercely glamorous. The beautiful round peach gemstone is set in 14k white gold, and sparkling diamonds are carefully set in each petal around it. This beautiful cocktail ring is made to last for a long time.

Cocktail ring by Natori x Angara with citrine

This wide ring from Natori x Angara is made to look like bamboo. It is elegant, stylish, and stunningly beautiful. This cocktail ring is the perfect way to wrap your finger in sparkle and shine. It has a hexagonal citrine in the middle. When you wear it, you’ll make a strong statement wherever you go.

Ring with an oval amethyst

This oval amethyst cocktail ring is modern and can be worn with a lot of different things. It will add a lot of sparkle to anything you wear. This ring is easy to praise because it has sparkling diamonds on the shoulders and is set on a shiny metal shank.

Cocktail ring with tanzanite and flower halo

This one-of-a-kind cocktail ring has a beautiful oval tanzanite stone in the middle of a beautiful floral halo. With this ring, you can show off your sense of style. The shank has fine milgrain work and diamond accents. It will go great with the rest of your jewelry. This ring is also a great present for someone who likes bright colors and pure sparkle.

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