Telling your fiance how much the ring cost or asking the cost of the ring is considered Taboo. If you ever tell or ask about the cost of the ring, then you will be considered a terrible person. But this is not true. There is nothing wrong with talking to asking about the cost of the ring. Here are 10 reasons why you should tell your fiance how much the ring cost.

Help your fiance understand your financial status better

Do you know that finances are one of the causes of stress in marriage life? It is always better to talk about your finances with your fiance. By telling them the actual cost of the ring, you can let her know about your real financial status.

No matter how cheap you bought a ring for, just tell her the actual price. She will understand you and your financial situation. It will help you to have a smooth future too. So always be frank about your financial status and never brag about something that you don’t have. It will cause unnecessary problems in your marriage life.

In some other cases, few people will buy a cheap ring even if they can afford more. So, this makes your partner feel bad. This indicates that you are not even interested in buying the ring that she deserves. Sometimes It might even break your relationship, so be careful with that.

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If you are planning to Insure your ring, then you must know the cost of the ring. So that you should appraise your ring to know the real cost. This helps you to avoid paying the unnecessary insurance amount. So feel free to tell your fiance how much the ring cost.

Better chance to know how you manage finances

Another reason to tell them about the cost of the ring is to let her know how good you are at managing the finances. Financial management is an integral part of life. So buy the ring based on your budget and showcase your financial management skill. So that she can believe you are going to make her life pleasant in the future.

There is a popular wedding myth. I am 100% sure that you have come across this myth once in your lifetime. The myth is you should spend your 3 months’ salary purchasing the best wedding ring. I completely disagree with this rule. Because you don’t need to spend the salary of 3 months only for the ring to make her realize how much you love her. Love isn’t about spending more money to show you are the best partner for her.

You can buy a beautiful ring that your partner likes within your budget. You may even ask her opinion too. Spending 3 months’ salary only on the ring will put you in debt. Debt eventually makes your life hard. So it’s better to buy a ring only on the budget and don’t feel bad about sharing your real financial situation with your partner.

Set a price range

As I said before, If you don’t want to purchase the ring she dislikes, always feel free to ask her opinion. You can even discuss your budget with her and ask whether she is happy with that or not. This will prevent you from unwanted issues.

Your partner is going to wear that ring for the rest of their life, so make sure to buy her the best one and discuss it with her.

Your fiance may want to know the cost

The ring is always sentimental jewelry. Maybe she fantasizes about how her wedding ring should be. If you bought her a ring she adores, then she might want to know the cost of the ring.

If your partner asked about the cost of the ring, don’t think bad about her. There is nothing wrong with knowing the price. She may ask that in good intention. So tell her about the cost, If she wants to know. And also there will be some women who don’t want to know the cost. So always make sure whether she likes to know about the price or not. This will help you a lot.

Knowing the cost will help her to handle it well

Another good thing about telling her how much the ring cost will help to maintain the jewelry better. If you bought a more costly ring, then telling her the cost will help her to realize how she should maintain that.

Remains how much she means to you

If you bought a precious ring for her, she will appreciate how much you care about her. Every time she sees the ring, it will make the bond grow healthier.

It does not mean you should always buy her a costly ring. That completely depends on your budget. So don’t worry about that. Just buy what you afford and she will understand you. If you can’t buy her precious ring but If you want to, you can even give her a temporary ring and after some time you both can purchase the wedding ring together.

It earns trust

I recently came across a guy who outsmarted his girlfriend with a fake ring. He bragged about how he tricked her. But once she came to know the truth, the trust between the two was broken. Finally, their relationship came to an end. Does anyone like a guy like this one?

Surely, no one will. Trust is vital for your relationship. So always tell her the truth even If you can afford only a $100 ring. If she doesn’t understand you even after you’ve been genuine with her, then she doesn’t deserve you. So telling her the actual cost of the ring will gain trust.

Understand your partner’s behavior

Telling the actual price of the ring will help you understand the behavior of your partner. You can find whether she is valuing your money alone or your love for her. If she is not happy about your cost even after you explain your financial situation, then you have to think about whether this relationship lasts longer or not.

You should always remember that the cost of the ring will not determine your love for her. So feel free to tell her how much the ring costs. If she doesn’t care about the price, then that’s good and you don’t have to tell her. Above all, make sure that your fiance is happy with the ring.

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