The difference between 14K and 10K gold and platinum rope chains is the amount of gold contained in each item of gold jewelry, the metal’s softness, and the final cost.

10K GOLD Rope Chain

10K gold is composed of 41.7 percent gold and 58.3 percent alloy, which implies it includes more alloy than gold and is hence less expensive. Because pure gold is a soft metal that bends and scratches readily, 10K gold is more durable (less soft) than 14K gold.

14K GOLD Rope Chain

14K gold is composed of 58.5 percent gold and 41.5 percent alloy and is frequently used for wedding and engagement rings. 14K is more expensive because of the increased gold content. 10K gold seems significantly paler in hue than 14K gold. Generally, you will be unable to discern the difference with your naked eye. 14K White Gold is extremely durable and does not scratch nearly as easily as Platinum. White Gold, on the other hand, is more yellow-gold than white gold and has a dazzling white color due to Rhodium plating. Over time, the Rhodium plating on the ring may wear away, resulting in a slightly “champagney” appearance. You may need to Rhodium plate the ring again in the future to restore it to its original sparkling white hue.


Platinum is denser, which means that it takes more of it to create a ring. Additionally, platinum rings are often composed of 95% pure platinum, whereas 14k gold is composed of only 58.5 percent pure gold. As a result, platinum rings are more costly.

Platinum is a robust and durable metal, but it scratches more easily than 14K White Gold and will eventually develop a matte sheen. If you wish to restore it to its original bright white sheen, it will require repolishing. Additionally, we recommend extending the bandwidth to 1.5mm for platinum rings to ensure the ring remains sturdy.


Because White Gold rings contain a little amount of yellow gold, they are often Rhodium Plated, which means you may need to have it re-plated after a few years. Platinum will fade and lose its lustrous shine with time and will need to be polished again.

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