Gold chains are must-have classic pieces of jewelry that both men and women wear on any occasion or to complement most outfits. Gold is a sign of prosperity and strength. Many individuals spend a premium amount for a genuine gold chain in the hope that it will survive a long time or that it will be passed down to future generations. Some individuals even purchase genuine gold as an investment. Gold is a costly substance that costs more than $1000 USD, which is one of the primary reasons why there is so much fake gold on the market today. As a result, it is critical for us as customers to understand how to tell whether the gold is genuine. So, how can you determine whether a gold chain is genuine or fake? This article will provide you with some pointers on how to tell the difference between genuine gold and fake gold.

6.7mm 14k Yellow Gold Solid Miami Cuban Chain

What Exactly Is Real Gold?

The purity of gold may be determined using “karat” or “k,” with pure gold having a karat of 24. Much genuine gold jewelry is not 24k pure gold; instead, they are combined with other metals to make them stronger and more durable. According to international standards, gold with karats more than 10 karats is genuine gold; gold with karats less than 10 karats is considered counterfeit gold.

Gold Jewelry Styles

When we purchase online, we often come across gold jewelry with terminology such as solid gold, 14k, 18k, 14k gold plated, and 18k gold plated. What do these phrases mean? Are these genuine gold pieces worth purchasing? These words will be discussed more below.

100% pure gold

Gold is an extremely delicate metal that is difficult to keep its natural form over time. To increase durability, gold is alloyed with other metals. For instance, 18K gold signifies that 18 of the 24 components are pure gold. On the market, the three most prevalent types of alloy or solid gold are 14K gold, 18K gold, and 22K gold. It goes without saying that the more pure gold there is in a gold chain or other item of jewelry, the higher the purity level.


A thick coating of gold is mechanically attached to a base metal such as copper, brass, or silver using pressure and heat. It is stated that gold-filled jewelry may be worn every day for 30 years without fading or flaking. However, the price of gold-filled jewelry is considerable; the thicker the piece, the higher the price.

Solid Curb Chain in 14k Yellow Gold (11.23mm)

plated in gold

Gold Plated jewelry is made using a base metal such as brass, copper, silver, or stainless steel and is coated with a thin coating of gold on the surface using chemicals or electricity. Gold-plated jewelry is less expensive and more attractive than solid gold and gold-filled jewelry. It is also a stylish design that can be worn every day and goes with every outfit, making it a great luxury gift option for yourself or a loved one.

Are gold-filled and gold-plated gold chains genuine gold?

The correct response is NO. Brass or copper, not gold, is the base metal of gold-plated and gold-filled jewelry. On the gold jewelry, there is just a thin coating of gold plated or connected to the metal with heat for the gold plated or gold filled item.

Are Gold Filled and Gold Plated Gold Chains Worth Purchasing?

When compared to genuine gold chains, everyone knows that gold-filled and gold-plated gold jewelry are less expensive and more appealing. Gold-plated jewelry may also convey a sense of richness. Much classic and exquisite gold plated fashion jewelry items are available at amazingly low prices. These massive gold plated pieces may be worn with a variety of outfits and for a variety of events. It is worthwhile to get gold-plated gold chains if you are aware that you are purchasing trendy jewelry. We’ve compiled a collection of elegant and thick 18k gold plated chain necklaces that you may wear all day.

Easy Ways to Determine Whether Your Gold Chain Is Genuine

Whether you acquire a so-called “real” gold chain at a premium price and want to know if it is genuine, the easy techniques listed below may assist.

Examine the Marking

You may check the hallmarks at the clasp of the gold chain to ensure purity or to determine whether your gold chain is genuine. Real gold jewelry is usually branded with the purity of the gold chain, such as 10k, 14k, 18k, or 24k, however, fake gold does not have any marks carved on the clasp. Some gold jewelry with inscriptions such as “KGP” or “KGF” indicate gold plated or gold-filled pieces of jewelry that are not genuine.

To some degree, however, the hallmarks cannot ensure the authenticity of the jewelry item. To generate a profit, some imitation gold will be stamped with genuine gold marks.

Put it to the test with a Strong Magnet

A magnet has no effect on real gold. If your gold necklace has a purity of more than 10k and clings securely to a strong magnet, it is not genuine gold. Other metals, but not actual gold, should have a high proportion of attraction to the magnet. If your gold chain has minimal magnetism, it is a gold chain with a low proportion of gold.

3.2 mm 14k Two Tone Gold Pave Curb Chain

Conduct a Water Test

Make a cup of water and carefully drop your gold chain into it. If your gold necklace falls to the bottom of the cup, it is likely to be genuine gold since gold is denser than water. If your gold chain floats, it is not genuine gold. Please keep in mind that genuine gold with karats less than 18k, such as 10k, 12k, and 14k, will not sink as rapidly as gold with karats more than 18k.

Perform a skin test

Real gold is a gleaming raw substance that will not tarnish or stain your skin green over time. If your gold chain shows signs of discoloration, it is most likely not genuine gold.

Experiment with Makeup

You may think it’s strange and untrustworthy to experiment with your cosmetics, but it’s an excellent strategy worth a go. Simply put a little amount of liquid foundation on your brow and rub it against your gold chain to test. Wait approximately a minute to check whether there is any evidence of a black streak. If that’s the case, it’s a good thing it’s a genuine gold chain.

Perform a Nitric Acid test.

This approach is only applicable to gold chains with scratches or blemishes. You may also test by making a little scratch on yours. Apply a drop of Nitric acid to the scratched or damaged gold chain. Nitric acid will cause false gold jewelry to corrode or become green. If your gold chain does not react to nitric acid, it is genuine. If you see anything milky, your gold chain should be made of gold with a sterling silver base metal. Please read the instructions and be well-prepared before attempting this approach with the acid.

Run a test with white vinegar.

Simply prepare some white vinegar and apply a few drops to your gold necklace. If the vinegar alters the hue of the gold chains, it is not genuine gold.

Professional Appraisal Test

A expert jewelry assessment is the only way to determine if a gold chain is real or fake. Though it is more expensive, it is the most dependable method and will save you a lot of time.


“All that glitz and glam isn’t gold.” This article has presented different varieties of gold and shown some easy and practical ways for distinguishing a genuine gold chain from a fake gold chain that you may attempt at home. To avoid purchasing fake gold, the best option is to get genuine gold jewelry from a reputable jewelry retailer that offers certifications.

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