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We buy diamond earrings with love and excitement. It’s always special to our hearts. But one important mistake most of you make is not maintaining it properly. When it comes to maintaining the diamond earrings, cleaning at appropriate times is very important. Now I’m gonna show you how to clean diamond earrings. So make sure to read everything carefully.

Why should you clean your diamond earrings?

Many people often buy diamond earrings with excitement. But they forget to clean it often. Some people don’t even know how important it is to clean the diamond earring.

You may often hear about cleaning diamond earrings but do you know why we should clean them? Because cleaning regularly will give a fresh look to your earring and also it prevents damage. It will prevent any microorganisms from building upon the surface of the earring. So for this reason, you must clean your diamond earring at least twice a year.

Required tools for cleaning

If you are cleaning your diamond earring at home, then you should possess the following tools.

  1. Toothbrush / Specialist brush for cleaning jewelry.
  2. Soft cloth/microfiber cloth for polishing and drying

Cleaning agents

  1. Dish wash liquid
  2. Ammonia
  3. Sodium bicarbonate
  4. Hydrogen peroxide

How to clean diamond earrings

1) Dish wash liquid

If you wish to clean your diamond earring with a dishwasher liquid, then follow this technique.

Take warm water in a bowl and add a few drops of dish wash liquid and mix them well. Now take a soft cloth and dip it in the bowl. Now take the wet cloth and rub it on your diamond earring gently until you remove the tarnish.

After cleaning, rinse the earring in cold water and dry them using a soft cloth or microfiber cloth. Using microfiber cloth has an added advantage. It prevents any cloth from sticking to the earring.

2) Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate aka Baking sofa can be used for cleaning the diamond earring. Take a small amount of baking soda and mix it with water to make a thick paste. Now apply the paste to your earring and leave it for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, take a soft toothbrush (Children’s toothbrush is recommended the most) and remove the paste residue. Rinse with cold water and pat dry your earring using a microfibre cloth.

3) Ammonia

For this technique, take warm water, liquid soap, and ammonia. Take ¼ cup of warm water along with 2 tsp of liquid soap and 1 tsp of ammonia and mix them well. Now dip the soft cloth into the solution and gently rub the earring with a soft toothbrush.

4) Hydrogen peroxide

You need to be careful while using hydrogen peroxide. Take a bowl and fill it with Hydrogen peroxide. Soak the earrings for 10 minutes and make sure to rinse your earth thoroughly and pat dry with a microfiber cloth.

These are the simplest technique to clean your diamond earring. If you find it is hard to follow this method or you have any doubts, kindly visit a nearby jewelry shop and get your diamond earring cleaned perfectly without any damages.

Things to avoid

While cleaning your diamond earrings, you need to avoid certain things to keep your earring flawless. Some people tell you to use toothpaste or alcohol to clean your earring. But say a big no to this!

Because it’s not a proper and effective method. It can damage your earring. So it’s better to avoid this stuff. Avoid using harsh chemicals and ultrasonic jewelry cleaners at home.

Tricks for cleaning

  1. Before you start cleaning your diamond earring, make sure to check if any loose diamond is present.
  2. Always use microfiber or soft cloths. If possible, use a professional jewelry cleaning cloth.
  3. For brushes, always prefer a children’s one.
  4. Once you clean your earring, make sure to rinse properly. Check out whether every residue is clean or not. Or else these residues can build up and make your earring appear dull.
  5. Always place your cleaning bowl in a flat area under proper lighting. If possible, use a darker background.

Follow these tips and techniques to clean your diamond earring. If you think your friend needs this article, feel free to share it with them. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

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