Many people hesitate to buy engagement rings online. This is because they are not confident about getting the thing that they pay for. The fear of getting a fake stone runs in their mind. They want to examine it before they buy it for something so expensive. Here are some tips that you should consider while purchasing engagement rings online.

1. Select a reputable vendor

This might seem obvious, but it’s essential to purchase a wedding ring or an engagement ring from a reputable online retailer. Check the vendor’s FAQs for information on their redeem policy, delivery procedure, and other service issues.  Try to go through images of each ring, comprehensive product specifications, and a firm return policy too. If the site has reviews, read them because they will help you clear your doubts. And you will be clear about the vendor’s service.

2. Verification of certificate

Any diamond ring should be accompanied by a certificate from an independent laboratory confirming that the diamond meets the jeweler’s specifications. However, not all laboratories and qualifications are the same. Look for a diamond that has been accredited by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the American Gem Society (AGS) for the most accurate and effective grading scheme.

3. Take a look at the redeem policy.

Read the website you’re looking at before purchasing a ring online, as every website is different. Consider the following questions: How much time do you even have to exchange or return an item? Is it possible to return anything for free? Is it possible to get a full refund on exchanging the ring, or does the jeweler just offer credit? Can they pay for return delivery, or will you have to pay for it? Does a lifetime guarantee protect the ring? If not, what is the duration of the warranty? Will they cover resizing or do you have to pay if the ring doesn’t fit? Before you check out, make sure that you are clear with these questions. It’s a red flag if a website doesn’t have a redeem policy listed.

4. Pay attention to shipping while purchasing engagement rings online

Once you’ve found the bling of your dreams, you’ll want to confirm it gets to you safely. Reputable websites will guarantee their products and, in most cases, pay for delivery. Examine the specifics like how they pack the ring and whether packing of the gemstone or a loose diamond is secure? If you cannot accept delivery of your engagement or wedding ring, it should be possible for the jeweler to ship it to a FedEx, UPS, or USPS pickup spot. Check to see whether they have a gift card and gift packing if a presentation is essential to you.

5. Scale it up

One thing is sure when it comes to engagement rings, and the wedding band’s size does matter. The size of the rings is measured in millimeters around the ring’s inner circumference. If you don’t have a ring to compare it to, use a string to measure your finger. Then, compare it to your ring size guide.

6. Look at the cut while purchasing engagement rings online

A diamond’s cut refers to how light interacts with the stone’s angles and proportions rather than its shape (think round, oval, or pear). The only one of the four Cs is the cut grade of a diamond that isn’t decided by itself, as diamonds start as rough stones rather than faceted gems, and that makes it the most crucial factor to think about. As a consequence, a poor cut can damage an excellent stone. Choose only flawless or perfect cut diamonds when browsing a vendor’s range of sets or loose diamonds. Ensure the table percentage is less than 60 percent, and depth percentage is less than 62.5 percent for round cut diamonds. Keep a close eye on the stone to ensure that the diamond has the radiance and glitter you want.

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