Modern and extraordinary design.

Noble and sustainable materials.

Born in Charlotte, North Carolina,

Inspired by their cultures and traditions.




“Jewelry has the power to be that little thing that can make you feel unique.” Jennie Kwon 


McGee Company Jewelry was founded with a young and rebellious spirit nourished by all the artistic and cultural expressions: architecture, painting, fashion, and music. We offer jewelry for all types of women who love jewelry.


We truly believe that through jewelry, you can materialize your own personality – Strength, empowerment, passion, and love.


These jewels can be worn both on a day-to-day basis and on more special occasions. Our jewels become memories that will be part of you.


McGee Company Jewelry is an unconventional, transgressive, and universal brand characterized by the union of quality, freedom, and originality, values reflected in the jewels. McGee Company Jewelry creates collections of minimal pieces and works with noble materials such as Diamonds, Moissanite Pearls, and Natural stones.


McGee Company Jewelry has become a brand that has broken down geographical barriers. Strictly audited processes have been established, and quality standards are always met, ensuring the welfare of its staff and the environment. McGee Company Jewelry has the best design team and works with powerful workers from the fashion industry.


McGee Company Jewelry is created for young people, by young people. The brand has a strong team that creates synergies and best knows your needs, as they are the first consumers of the brand.




The McGee Company Jewelry woman is urban, modern, casual, and linked to new technologies, who like to inform the latest trends. She is fabulous and flies from theatricality and conventionality. 


Regardless of whether she was born inside or outside a big city, today, she is part of a global movement where there are no barriers of styles or cultures, creating a universe of her own. She has no limits or obstacles and possesses an overwhelming personality. She takes risks, has fun, and lives intensely every day!




Yes, at McGee Company Jewelry, we offer this personalized jewelry service – from jewelry and bracelets for children to name pendants for adults. Here the limit is your imagination.


If you are looking for something that you cannot find in our online catalog, do not hesitate to contact us, we can advise you. Helping you get what you are looking for is our mission, and if not, we will offer you the best possible option.




At McGee Company Jewelry, we know that there are special moments that need special attention; that is why we have a section in our online store only for weddings. 


We also have a separate catalog only for engagement rings, we know that it will be a special and beautiful moment, and the ring cannot be less.


At McGee Company Jewelry, we take care of every last detail so that your most special day has everything you need to make it unforgettable.

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