It’s time to move on in your relationship. You’ll be a mom! Then you recall your cherished engagement ring and wedding band – would they still fit you after pregnancy?

Don’t worry about it! Let’s see what happens to your lovely rings during and after pregnancy.

Should I wear my wedding ring and engagement ring?

Pregnancy affects a woman’s body in many ways, some of which are universal, while others are unique to each woman.

Due to bloating, most women need to adjust their rings or store them in their jewelry box for a few months.

Will my rings fit postpartum?

Short answer: it varies. Most women resize their rings after childbirth. However, some women’s ring sizes change permanently, and you won’t know until you go through it.

Instead of resizing your rings during pregnancy, wait a few months after giving delivery. If you still can’t wear your rings, resize them.

Then what?

This one is particularly difficult to answer since it differs from woman to woman.

The weight of your kid, the size of the placenta, and the weight of all the amniotic fluid and blood you normally shed during delivery will all contribute to your postpartum weight loss.

Your breasts, hips, and feet will grow larger, as well as your fingers. The inflated areas of your body will likely de-puff gradually.

And trust your body. Embrace the changes if you think they’re permanent! You wouldn’t have your lovely baby without them.

How much does resizing a ring cost?

The cost of resizing your ring depends on variables like:

The resizing degree

However, a ring that is too loose after pregnancy is not unheard of. Making a ring smaller is less costly than making a ring bigger.

Ring girth

More precious metal needed to resize the ring is more costly.


Adding or removing gemstones or diamonds from your ring will increase the final cost. However, completely set diamond or gemstone rings, such as eternity bands, may not be resized.


The cost of your ring will also depend on the metal used. Platinum, for example, is more expensive to resize.

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