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Buying cubic zirconia jewelry online is a bit of a task. You need to have a lot of knowledge if you are wondering about buying cubic jewelry online. As you won’t be able to see it in real life. So the seller may not guide you properly or lie to you about the jewelry. Well, we are here to avoid such cases. Here is all the information one should have while buying cubic zirconia jewelry online. 

Before the discovery of cubic zirconia jewelry, diamonds were the only stone people talked about. Also, it had no competitors. As soon as scientists discovered zirconia jewelry, diamonds had a competitor. Now, it is still in a race to beat diamonds. Zirconia jewelry is much cheaper in contrast to diamond jewelry. Talking about the durability of cubic zirconia jewelry. The cubic zirconia jewelry is long-lasting and as durable as a diamond piece of jewelry. Below are some more questions answered that might be in your mind about buying cubic zirconia jewelry online.

Is the zirconia stone fake? Is buying cubic zirconia jewelry online the right thing to do?

If you have this question in your mind, this is because you are comparing it to diamonds. However, because it resembles similar properties as a diamond, yes, you can call it a fake diamond. However, not a phony stone just because it looks like a diamond and isn’t one. Moreover, do not confuse zirconia jewelry with synthetic diamonds. Synthetic diamonds are lab-grown/human-made diamonds, while zirconia jewelry only resembles the appearance of a diamond. Synthetic diamonds have the same chemical, physical, optical, and structural properties as natural diamonds, while zirconia jewelry only looks like diamonds. Concluding that zirconia and diamonds are two different stones.


Are Moissanite and cubic zirconia the same?

Moissanite is yet another stone having the same resemblance as a diamond, and hence it is cubic zirconia’s number one competitor. Moissanites are mostly manufactured in labs that is they are usually human-made as they are not commonly dug from the earth’s crust.

However, due to moissanite’s popularity, moissanite jewelry is much more expensive than cubic zirconia jewelry. But it is much cheaper in comparison to diamond jewelry as it is a replica of the diamond’s jewelry but the natural diamond. Talking about the Moissanite’s durability. Moissanite has a higher hardness rating in contrast with cubic zirconia, and hence it can be a bit more durable than cubic zirconia. However, it also has a higher brilliance rating than a diamond. Concluding Moissanite can be an alternative for diamonds. 

Diamond vs cubic zirconia

Well, here we are to the most important question. Which stone is the best? If you compare the durability of both jewelry stones, diamond is more durable in contrast to cubic zirconia. Diamond can not be easily scratched or tarnished and is also rated 10 on 10 for its hardness. On the other hand, cubic zirconia can become a little cloudy and damaged over time. Cubic zirconia needs to be clean at regular intervals. 

The cubic zirconia is a pretty colorless stone and you’ll call it flawless while you see it first. On the other hand, Diamond can have a tint of some colors in them like yellow and blue and so can always have flaws. Therefore, finding a diamond that is absolutely colorless and as pretty as cubic zirconia can be a bit difficult and hence is very expensive. 

Talking about the main visual difference when you look at both stones for the first time is the sparkle, shine, and fire of both the stones. Cubic zirconia is a shiny stone whose shine can even dull the glimmer of an actual diamond, too pressuring you to buy the cubic zirconia jewelry.. 

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