Diamonds are girl’s best friends. You may be tired of this quote because diamonds are not the only best friend to girls but also for men. It became irreplaceable in the jewelry industry and has huge demand in the market. If you consider buying diamonds, this article is for you.

From this article, you can learn all about diamonds from their history to how to take care of the jewelry. So read till the end to explore more.

History of the diamond

The diamonds were first formed in India in the 4th century B.C. These are not formed a few years ago. Even the youngest diamond deposit that you know will be formed 900 million years ago and also these are very rare.

In ancient times, It was used as an adornment. Due to their sharp edges, they are used as cutting tools. They served as an amulet and people believed that it will protect you from evils and also provide protection in war. So we can clearly say that it had huge value in earlier days.

Not only this but also diamonds are used as medicine to cure illness. They even ingested this gemstone in the belief that It will heal their wounds. Sounds weird, isn’t it?

You already know that the Ancient Romans and Greeks were involved in many scientific and historic stuff. Like that, they were involved in the history of diamonds.

They believe that diamonds were the tears of God that have fallen on the earth. They are the ones who started to connect diamonds with love. They even believed that the tip of the cupid’s arrow was made out of the diamond. This is how this and love are associated in the Ancient days. Maybe it could be a reason why wearing a diamond ring for a wedding and engagement ring is popular.

As It was first found in India until the 18th-century people believed that India is the only source of diamonds in the world. They mined for this stone until they depleted.

Later they found a small deposit in Brazil in 1725. As it had only a tiny deposit, it didn’t meet the demand for diamonds all over the world. But soon Brazil turned into an important source and dominated the diamond market for more than 150 years.

Later in 1886, A 15-year-old boy named Erasmus Jacob found a 21.25-carat diamond in the banks of Orange River. And then in 1871, a colossal diamond was found on Colesberg Kopje and that has 83.50 carats.

In the 1400s, it is most popular in Europe. And now, it became more popular than ever and became an identity for many people. These valuable gemstones created power and royal people used to wear this as a symbol of royalty.

How it Formed?

We know that diamonds that you buy today can’t be formed yesterday. It takes billions of years to form a single piece of this stone That’s why it always has a huge value in the jewelry industry.

It was formed about 3 billion years ago. It is formed in the earth’s crust under certain heat and pressure. Eventually, the heat and pressure make the carbon crystallize. And crystallized carbon is our precious diamond.

Usually, it was formed at the depth of 150-200kms approximately below the earth’s surface. These are mostly formed in the mantle with a temperature of above 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.

When we think about the formation of diamonds, our mind reminds us how they are formed under the earth’s surface. But the fact is It’s not only formed under the earth’s surface. It is also formed when death and asteroids collide with each other. However, these diamonds don’t have the quality of gemstones.

So these stones got from the collision are used for cutting and industrial purposes. The scientist said that these are from a planet of the solar system which was destroyed earlier.


In the diamond industry, the term 4C’s is the most popular one. These 4c’s refer to the cut, color, clarity, and carat of the diamond.


It is the most important thing to consider while buying the diamond. This has a lot to do with the beauty of this stone. Cut focus on the quality of the diamond’s angles, proportions, brilliance, fire, and some finishing details.

Usually, Cut of this gemstone is graded on the scale of Ideal, Excellent, Very good, good, fair, and poor. Of all these, Ideal and Excellent grades are the most preferred as they signify the proportion and angles which give maximum brilliance and fire. These cuts are not similar in every diamond.

Sometimes a cutter may focus on the carat Weight to exhibit the light’s reflection and on the other hand, It can be cut to minimize the inclusions to improve the quality of this stone.

As the cut determines the beauty of the diamond, make sure to buy a diamond that has an ideal or excellent cut.


Color is the second most important aspect of diamond jewelry. It is graded on a scale of D to Z where D means the most colorless and Z means colored. Diamond’s cut, carat weight, and shape also influence the color of this stone.


The clarity is focused on how clean a diamond is from Inclusion and Blemishes. Clarity is graded on a scale of FL (flawless), IF (Internally flawless), VSS1 (Very very slightly included 1), VVS2, VS1, SI1, SI2, I1, and I2. Flawless refers to the zero imperfections of the diamond.


The carat of the diamond refers to the weight of the diamond. This does not have anything to do with the size of the diamond. A carat is equal to 200 milligrams or 0.2 grams.

5th C

We always remember the 4C’s. But do you know there exists 5th C and It means certification? The 5th C is all about buying certified diamonds from reputed jewelers. It often means buying certified diamonds. It is not advisable to buy any diamond jewelry without a grading report. It confirms the quality and authenticity of the diamond you have purchased. So always buy this with grading reports.

Diamond certifications

Certified diamonds are a thousand times better than the ones without any certificates. We invest our money in gemstones, so we have to buy only certified ones.

Popular shapes

Cushion cut

Cushion-cut comes with square or rectangular shapes with rounded corners. This cut was influenced by minimal art. This cut is cost-effective and good for engagement rings.

Princess cut

Princess cut is the most popular after round brilliant cut. Princess cut is the modern version of round brilliant cut. It shows great dispersion of light and is available at an affordable cost. So you can purchase it without any doubts. It costs less than round brilliant cuts but not less than fancy cuts. It goes well with a classic bezel or modern pavé setting.

Emerald cut

This cut is popular from the Art Deco Movement and has perfect symmetry and elegant brilliance. If you are looking for larger stones, the emerald cut is a great option as it is available at low costs.

Oval cut

The oval cut represents one’s style and price moderately based on 4C’s. It is great for wider rings.

Pear cut

The pear cut made its first appearance 500 years ago. It costs more than other diamond cuts and it is quite popular.

Asscher cut

Colored diamonds

How to care about diamond jewelry?

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