Dutch culture is one of the oldest and civilized cultures in the world. It is enriched with many essential traditions and practices. Dutch Jewelry has a brief and immense history from the ancient to this day.

 Amsterdam, the capital, has been the central hub for Dutch Jewelry for centuries. It is now an international center for diamond and other gems industry in the world. Now in Amsterdam, you will find all types of historical and latest Jewelry.

The Initial Stages

The foundation of the jewelry industry in Amsterdam was laid by the Jewish community in 1600. They played an important initial role in the times when there is not a diamond culture.

Most of the Jews communities here were somehow connected to the jewelry sector. Later they started to make the jewelry trade giving the City’s diamond industry a new height. In Amsterdam, most of the Jews are now diamond holders.

There were many old jewelry trends in Amsterdam. These include various types of headdresses (odorizer), different clothing types, golden hoop earrings, rings, caps, and jewels.

Moreover, the social distribution of society was also defined by the type of Jewelry. 

The Growth Phase

In the initial stages, the working conditions of Amsterdam were not suitable for the industry. A diamond cutter named Henri Polka laid the foundation of the General Diamond Union of the Netherlands.

This union later became an important platform to boost the City’s jewelry industry. Polka made art and jewelry an important part mission of the union. This union soon lifted many workers from poetry with hard work and dedication and gave a better future for the City’s economics. 

World War II

After a non-stop rising of the diamond industry in Amsterdam, there came the point when everything vanished overnight. In World War II, a large number of Jewish diamond workers and jewelers were killed. This really affected the overall industry leaving Amsterdam behind the world again. Over time, Amsterdam rebuilt its lost identity and a jewelry hub again.

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Dutch history presents deep cultural and traditional values. When it comes to the jewelry industry, Amsterdam has been the hub of diamonds and other gems. From the initial stages to the heights of the diamond industry in the City, the Jewish community played an important role.

McGee is always striving hard to bring various jewelry pieces to Amsterdam, including different Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, and Bracelets. Unlike other giants in the jewelry industry, McGee offers you quality Diamond made products at a reasonable price in Amsterdam.

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