Are Black Diamonds Truly Unique? How many of you have been asked this question while considering buying a black diamond ring? I’m sure many of us did when we first saw black diamonds. True, Black Diamonds exist.

Carbon inclusions in a diamond cause it to darken, which is referred to as carbonado. However, it is most famous now as a black diamond.

carbonado rough diamond

However, obviously, when it comes to diamonds, one cannot take a chance. As a result of the high number of fraudsters who have already joined the business and cast doubt on the naturalness of diamonds.

While it is very simple to tell the difference between a fake and a genuine diamond, it is rather difficult to tell the difference between black diamonds. So how can you know whether a black diamond is genuine or not?

The easiest method to determine this is using a diamond tester since black diamond is the hardest substance known to man. Its hardness is ten on the Mohs scale, thus if the tester does not read ten, it is most obviously not a black diamond.

Additionally, one of the most effective methods of identifying a black diamond is to examine it under a magnifying lens. Regardless of how gleaming the black diamond seems, it will always have a few nicks and scratches on its surface. Even if it is a black diamond of AAA grade. A natural black diamond will never have a smooth or treated surface.

What are black diamonds that have been treated?

Black diamonds that have been treated vs natural black diamonds.

Natural black diamonds are often found to have a variety of defects and inclusions. As a result, they must undergo heat treatment with carbon to smooth out their roughness. Thus, the next time you see a $1500 black diamond next to a $150 AAA grade diamond, do not be confused. The one priced at $1500 has untreated black diamonds, while the one priced at $150 contains treated black diamonds.

Why are black diamonds less expensive?

Many of us wonder why black diamonds are more affordable than other colors. One of the most compelling reasons is that, although they are popular, their demand is lower than that of their rivals.

Additionally, treated diamonds are always less expensive than raw diamonds. If you notice a price discrepancy, do not be alarmed; black diamonds are natural.

Due to lower demand and treatment, black diamonds are more affordable, which is the ideal reason to acquire them.

Why is the black diamond a trend?

Even if demand for black diamonds is limited as a result of various misconceptions, the tendency continues to rise each year. Yes, celebrities have been wearing black diamonds on the red carpet for almost a decade.

Black diamonds are becoming more popular in contemporary jewelry since they complement any style. Due to the high quality of black diamonds, renowned jeweler utilizes them in their jewelry.

3.25 Carat Genuine Black Diamond 10K Yellow Gold Ring

Where can I purchase a black diamond?

Finally, after you understand just what carbonado diamonds are, You’re probably thinking about where to get a black diamond and who to trust. To be sure, there are several makers of this one-of-a-kind diamond, but not everyone earns your confidence.

Personally, I recommend McGee Jewelry, since it has been a famous name for over 40 years. They are more likely to provide you with real and genuine black diamonds at the greatest pricing.

While serving the majority of renowned jewelers and earning their confidence, McGee Jewelry established a reputation as a top provider of exquisite diamonds in a black hue.

McGee Jewelry has the experience and knowledge to provide you with the highest quality diamonds. They provide a huge inventory of carbonados in a variety of shapes and sizes. Not only does it come in round brilliant cut and other elegant designs, but also in geometric shapes.

McGee Jewelry’s highly qualified diamond cutters are capable of cutting diamonds to your specifications. As a result, they also provide custom-made services for jewelers.

Where will your black diamond jewelry be created?

Locate a jeweler that is knowledgeable about black diamonds and how to build jewelry with them. Not all jewelers create black diamond jewelry; just a few well-known companies and a few start-ups do it on a personalized basis to satisfy their consumers.

A Magnificent Black Diamond Ring

There are several jewelers of exceptional excellence outdoors; if you’d want me to include your name and website in my blog, just contact me. I will undoubtedly assist you with it.

What kind of jewelry may be created with a black diamond?

You may build any kind of jewelry with a black diamond, but the most common type is an engagement ring. Black diamonds are used to enhance the elegance of antique engagement rings, wedding rings, and vintage rings.

The majority of hip-hop jewelers also include black diamonds to amplify the black trend among rappers. Consider Billie Eilish’s custom-made black diamond pendant.

Diamond in black Pendant by Billie Eilish.

Men’s and women’s stud earrings with black diamonds are very fashionable. Petite diamond rings set with these diamonds have become fashionable as well, owing to their allure when matched with rose gold. Additionally, they are featured around the halo of an engagement ring to coordinate with the black and white collection.

Conclusion – Are Black Diamonds Genuine or Man-Made?

While black diamonds are genuine, they must be accompanied by a certificate. GIA can handle this for you, or a gemmologist can assist you. When purchasing diamonds online or from a regular seller, trust is necessary. Be prudent and thoroughly research the provider you are purchasing from prior to making a purchase.

Rather than that, black diamonds are real, but humans are not. Few individuals are damaging the name of a magnificent gem due to their eagerness to get money. Be cautious, avoid falling for the trap, and buy from someone you can trust. Request a certificate even if it will cost you money.

What is natural will always remain natural, and anybody attempting to ruin it will fail. As with McGee Jewelry, we understand and appreciate the inherent beauty of a black diamond. And we provide what is genuine; money is irrelevant; what matters are our customers’ feelings and contentment.

You can verify this with our black diamond collection, and if you have any more questions, please contact us.

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