Nowadays, many people prefer black diamonds for their engagement rings, earrings, pendants, etc. But on the other hand, some people even ask ‘are black diamonds real?’

Most of us only remember the colorless diamond as the real one. So naturally, we doubt other diamonds are real or not. So Read more to know whether black diamonds are real along with more information about these enchanting stones.

Black diamonds are real. It has the same chemical composition as compared to all diamonds. It also has the same value as the other type of diamonds. So without any doubt, you can invest in these diamonds.

Black diamonds

Black diamonds were first found in Brazil. It is believed to be formed 2.6 to 3.8 billion years ago. So these diamonds are rare. This attractive stone got its color from the higher amount of Inclusion. If you are new to the term Inclusion, I’ll explain what it is.

During the formation of the diamond, several minerals are trapped inside the diamond. When these minerals are trapped in huge amounts, these trapped minerals within the diamond are called Inclusion.

This diamond has a huge number of Inclusions. Some even believe that the color behind this diamond is due to the presence of graphite. On the Mohs scale of hardness, these diamonds are graded 10. These diamonds are harder than other diamonds. So it is more durable and ideal for everyday wear.

It gives a bold and majestic look and it is more popular in this century. First people didn’t consider it much but later they were attracted to this diamond and it gained popularity.


These diamonds are of three types. Natural, Man-made, and Treated. These three diamonds are classified based on how it is formed.

1) Natural black diamond

These diamonds are also known as fancy diamonds and formed naturally under high pressure like other colored diamonds. They are the impure form of polycrystalline diamond.

As I said before, this color is formed by minerals that are trapped inside the diamond. This mineral is boron and it is the reason for its bold black color.

Like a white diamond, it is also similar in its property but the ultimate difference is the black diamond has a high amount of inclusion and graphite which makes them appear black. This type is extremely rare.

2) Treated black diamond

Treated black diamonds are created from low-quality white stone. These undergo some process and then it is finally made. So these are the cheapest black diamonds in the market. These is commonly called Carbonados.

3) Man-made black diamond

Probably you know about this diamond. It is also called lab-grown or synthetic diamond. These diamonds are specifically grown in the lab. But actually, that doesn’t mean it is fake. It is also a real diamond and possesses all the qualities of a natural black diamond.

But this diamond costs higher than the treated black diamond as it needs heavy expensive machinery and manpower to manufacture this. It is also worth the costs.

What does it symbolize?

Every jewelry has its unique meaning. Likewise, this gorgeous diamond represents the uniqueness of the person who wears it. It also means eternal, flawless quality. Not only this, but it also symbolizes the passion and energy which attracts people.

As these black diamonds are popular, they are mostly used in engagement rings. This creates a powerful look at the wearer’s hand. These diamonds are used as center stones for many pieces of jewelry surrounded by traditional white diamonds.

This is only found in fancy black color. Like other diamonds, you should consider 4C’s while buying this. If you are planning to choose this diamond for your engagement ring, then go for platinum and 14k white gold metal for the perfect combination.

As black diamonds are real, you can buy this without any doubt and adds more power to your hand. If you are planning to buy jewelry, feel free to check out our online store and buy your favorite jewelry at affordable prices.

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