5.3mm 14k Yellow Gold Light Miami Cuban Chain

Gold chain jewelry is made up of links that allow the item to be twisted or bent. The strongest chains are built of interlocking links that do not have a bending point and will not break when twisted or folded.

Cable, curb, mariner, Figaro, and rope are just a few of the most powerful chain designs, particularly when thick. Wheat chains are also constructed up of numerous links that will not kink or break easily, making them sturdy enough to be worn every day.

Unfortunately, some chains are fragile and easily kinked. Flat chains, such as herringbone and omega, are composed of links that are fixed on a backing rather than interconnected, making them prone to bending and breaking. Furthermore, certain chains, such as the snake chain, have closely bonded links that make them rigid and hard to repair.

2- The thicker the chain, the longer it will last.

A suitably thick chain can strengthen delicate designs and can support the increased weight of a pendant. A box or snake chain, for example, is delicate, but it may be more resilient to endure twisting and bending if it is built with larger links. The thickness of gold chains, on the other hand, will be determined not only by your own style but also by how you want to wear them—with or without a pendant.

3- Chains with separately soldered links will never come apart.

Soldering is the technique of repairing cracks in chains and sealing gaps to make them indestructible in jewelry manufacture. Because the links are connected and no gaps occur, soldered chains are more resistant to staining. Anchor, Figaro, and curb chains are examples of styles that often use soldered links. Because certain gold chains cannot be readily welded, you must verify that the links are strong enough to withstand regular usage.

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