0.42 Carat Genuine White Diamond 14K Yellow Gold Ring

Turkey has a lengthy history of gold mining that dates back to 3000 BC. The restriction on gold jewelry exports was repealed in 1993, opening up the global market for jewelry purchasers. Many of the gold jewelry products sold on QVC and the Home Shopping Network are purchased in bulk from Turkey and sold in the US market. The Istanbul Gold Exchange was founded in 1995, and the Istanbul Gold Refinery opened in 2002.

Turkish Treasury

The Turkish Treasury has approved IGR to sell certified gold bullion in amounts ranging from 12 grams to 100 grams. Turkish gold is of good grade and quality, according to California Gold & Silver Exchange. Turkey’s gold jewelry is available in karats ranging from 10 to 21. gold Turkish coin with front and back display The 10 carat and 14 karat jewelry is created for the retail market in the United States and is marked “417” for 10k and “585” for 14k.

Turkish citizens

In general, 18 carat and 21 karats of gold are manufactured for sale in Turkey to Turkish citizens and tourists. 18k is often marked “750,” whereas 21k is branded “875.” Many of our clients have lived, visited, or received a gift of gold acquired in Turkey. They are sometimes unaware that the gold is higher than karat gold. Some gold purchasers may prey on customers who are unaware that the gold is higher than karat gold. They may purchase the gold at a lesser purity because the consumer is unaware of the purity, or the buyer lacks expertise evaluating 18Kor 21K Turkish Gold Jewelry.


We purchase but are not limited to, link necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants, and rope chains. California Gold & Silver Exchange will appropriately appraise your gold. We have the equipment to accurately examine your gold using our XRF X-Ray Analyzer, and we pay appropriately. We accept cash or checks, depending on your option, even for huge sums.

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