14K Yellow Gold Plated 0.90 Carat Genuine White Diamond .925 Sterling Silver Bracelet

Women have worn gorgeous jewelry on their wrists and arms for millennia. Colors, textures, and accent jewels vary in these exquisite ornamental objects. Some call them bracelets, while others call them bangles. Not interchangeable, however. How do we tell a diamond bangle from a diamond bracelet, and does it matter? We’ll go into the history of these two exquisite jewelry pieces and how to tell them apart.

Bracelet vs Bangle

A bangle is a metal ring that is stiff and ring-shaped. The traditional bangle is a closed circle with no clasp. A bracelet, on the other hand, is a flexible component that is usually closed by a clasp. While both are designed to be worn on the wrist, bangles have been seen on the upper arm and even leg in numerous cultures. Notable variations between the two pieces of jewelry include their histories.

The bangle has been worn by ladies of all cultures throughout history. Bangles have been worn in weddings, ethnic dance events, and given as protective presents for babies since 2600 BC. They were frequently piled rather than worn alone.

Bracelet with sapphires and diamonds in white gold
Bracelets date back over 7,000 years. Originally, they were built of shells, grass, and tree limbs. Later, artisans employed precious metals to construct wealth-symbolizing bracelets. Bracelets got more expensive as they became associated with status.

Bracelets and Bangles Today

Women’s wrists are adorned with a variety of bracelets and bangles nowadays. As a prized fashion accessory, bracelets and bangles often change styles to match an outfit or event. Beautiful diamond bracelets and bangles in delicate styles are available to add to your jewelry collection.

white gold diamond bracelet

Even though bangles have evolved, many still feature indigenous elements. In addition to gorgeous colored jewels, white diamond bangles are becoming more popular.

Consider these questions while selecting a diamond bangle style:

Which gold do you prefer?

Diamond Princess Flower Symphony Bangle
There are numerous stunning yellow, white, and rose gold alternatives. Choosing the ideal metal may be a matter of taste. Consider the outfit you’ll be wearing with your bangle and which metals suit your skin tone. Our Robert Coin Diamond Bangles are available in all three precious metals.

Are you looking for a simple everyday style or a diamond bangle for exceptional occasions?

Roberto Coin Verona 18K White Gold Diamond Bangle
Some bangle lovers appreciate the Love in Verona diamond bangle. The 48 mm and 58 mm width choices include powerful metal accents, while the encrusted white stones lend a delicate touch.

In Verona, Roberto Coin Bracelet in 18K White Gold with Ruby
Some prefer the enclosed, rigid bangle type for a more opulent appeal. Elegant White Gold Ruby and Diamond Bangle made by Robert Coin for fine meals and black-tie events. This diamond bangle’s beauty will amaze the crowd with under 2.0 cttw white diamonds.

Do you want a bangle with charms and extras?

If you want a diamond bangle with a more realistic look, opt for one with floral charms.

Will you wear your diamond bangle alone or in a stack?

Diamond Princess Flower Symphony Bangle
If you plan to stack them, choose a comfortable style. Diamond bangles with charms may not be as suitable as those without. Choose a few styles to try on together to get a feel for the aesthetic and how they fit on your wrist and arm.

Chosen the Best Diamond Bracelet

The free-flowing nature of a bracelet allows for a wide range of styles and designs. It will also require additional thought. The stones on a diamond bracelet will likely be larger than those on a bangle, so remember to compare the 4Cs of a Diamond. Choosing the right diamond bracelet for you is easy with our advice from clasp to length.

Choosing Diamond Shape

The classic diamond bracelet comes in a variety of shapes, from round to emerald. Princess and round brilliant cuts are the most popular. Choosing a shape that complements other pieces in your collection is a great idea.

Diamond Positioning

Bracelet 18K White Gold Medium Partway

The tennis diamond bracelet has a full line of stones around your wrist, but you may want less bling. The White Gold Medium Partway Diamond Bracelet is suitable for both casual and formal occasions. The smaller row of stones will reflect the light magnificently as they move and flow with your movement, highlighting the delicate features of the chain.

White Gold Bracelet with 3 diamonds bezel set

Also check out the Three Diamond Bezel Set Station Bracelet. Each spherical stone is bezel set in white gold to amplify its size. All three are accented around the delicate chain.

Extra Tips for Your Diamond Bracelet

A high-quality bracelet will have a strong clasp to protect your investment. Look for bracelets with a strong claw or double locking clasp to keep them on your wrist.

Consider also the bracelet’s length and durability. Will the length of your bracelet get caught in your daily routine if you get an everyday piece? Can a thin bracelet endure snagging and hard outdoor activities? Consider where you will wear it when choosing.

We are convinced that you will adore the style of jewelry you chose to adorn your wrist.

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