One of the delightful moments in your wedding life is the anniversary. Every anniversary is special which makes us look back on the years of togetherness.

To make the anniversary more special, we celebrate it by gifting each other. But getting perfect Anniversary gifts is important. Buying jewelry as an anniversary gift makes your anniversary meaningful and perfect.

Here’s the guide to buying the best anniversary jewelry gift.

When it comes to an anniversary gifts, people usually buy milestone gifts or some gemstone jewelry.

Milestone anniversary jewelry gift

1st anniversary

The first anniversary is always special. On this day, the traditional jewelry gift is gold. The gold jewelry represents the togetherness of one year and the memories. So, present gold jewelry like rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc.

2nd Anniversary

On the second anniversary, you can gift your partner with Garnet jewelry. Garnet comes in a deep, pomegranate hue which looks very attractive. So, as per tradition, gift your partner with Garnet jewelry.

Pearl – best anniversary jewelry gift

The third-anniversary gemstone is pearl. It’s a great choice and surprises your partner with beautiful pearl jewelry. It looks simple and elegant and perfectly suits every occasion.

4th anniversary

On your fourth Anniversary, Topaz jewelry will be a perfect gift to your partner. It not only looks beautiful but its blue shade shows clarity and brilliance.

People believe that topaz is capable of protection against death. It also strengthens one intellect and lessens anger along with sadness. It is also believed to eliminate the coward attitude.

5th anniversary

The traditional gift of the 5th anniversary is Sapphire. This blue gemstone is famous for its strength. Sapphire comes in different types like blue, Pink, Padparadscha which has light to medium toned pink-orange, and finally Star Sapphire.

Sapphire signifies the truth and loyalty of a marriage. So gift the Sapphire ring or necklace to your loved one.

15th anniversary

To celebrate your 15th anniversary, a gift like Ruby is what you need to buy. It usually symbolizes passion. Generally, Ruby is considered the king of precious stones.

Gifting Ruby stone represents good health, wealth, wisdom, and success in love. So without waiting, go and get Ruby jewelry.

25th anniversary

You already know that the 25th anniversary is called a Silver jubilee. As the name indicates, gifting silver jewelry looks more appropriate.

Silver is a classy metal and it can be worn for all the occasion. So gift like a Silver ring, chain, the bracelet will be great.

50th anniversary

It is the most special of all the anniversaries. Do you agree with me?

It is the golden anniversary and you need to make this more memorable, right? So gifting Gold on a golden anniversary makes your special day outstanding. So, find what your partner is not having in gold and gift them.

These are all the milestone anniversary gifts. You don’t have to gift only this milestone jewelry for your partner. You can choose any other precious jewels like Amethyst, Opal, or Peridot.

Another best option is gifting diamond jewelry like pendants, necklaces, earrings, Tennis bracelets or Eternity bands are best ideas. So choose your gift wisely and make your day more memorable.

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