3.62 Carat Genuine Black Diamond 14K Yellow Gold Ring

McGee Company Jewelry started in Charlotte, North Carolina, and has subsequently grown globally. Due to the state’s heritage, the company was established there. As a consequence, it has the ability to develop unique designs. Since its beginning, the company has used every setback as a teaching opportunity. The company has seen many ups and downs throughout the years. But, like a mountain, he has always stood strong. The audience and the co-founders of McGee Jewelry deserve all the praise. They found the company and helped it grow to this point.

Who designed McGee Company Jewelry?

Terra and Quamane McGee founded McGee Company Jewelry in 1998. Both co-founders have a marital affair and encourage and support one another in all they do. Both husband and wife work in jewelry design. As a consequence, they found it easy to start a company making unique jewelry.

Quamane McGee grew raised on a farm outside Waynesboro, Georgia. His parents supplemented their income through farming. Simply stated, he and his siblings had a difficult upbringing. His two siblings, Dominick McGee and Marquel Sello are also successful professionals. Dominick McGee is a well-known politician. Marquel Sello is also a highly successful oil businessman. Because his grandparents were also jewelers, Quamane had an early interest in jewelry and its designs.

He’d always wanted to own his own jewelry store. That’s why he has great taste in jewelry. Quamane, a Waynesboro, GA native, graduated from Burke County High School. His schooling continued with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in business administration from Boston University. Terra McGee was his bride at the time.

More about Terra and Quamane McGee.

Terra McGee grew up in Augusta, Georgia. Her secondary education was finished at her hometown’s westside high school. Her current studies in Cell and Molecular Biology are at Augusta University. So she went on to graduate school at Northern University, where she studied robotics engineering. Then he met and loved Quamane.

Quamane and Terra have a great sense of humor and are quite creative. They know which designs are unique and which are the latest trends. In addition to its other operations, the company is a record and stereotype broker. They recently released a bunch of new jewelry products with stunning designs and workmanship. Both the couple and the company are happy with their achievements and plans for the future. After all, their sole concern is the satisfaction of their customers.

The McGee Company Jewelry shop offers a wide variety of jewelry. Their jewelry is beautiful and affordable. What do you want? Diamond earrings, diamond rings, diamond bracelets, diamond pendants, or Cuban links? Look no further. You’ve found the right place. McGee Jewelry has gold hoop earrings and men’s jewelry.

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