Because of its beauty, adaptability, affordability, and symbolic importance, black onyx is popular for usage in jewelry. Some individuals wear black onyx jewelry because of what it represents, while others don’t know what the stone represents. So, what does black onyx jewelry imply? We conducted research to assist in answering this issue.

Black onyx jewelry has various metaphorical and astrological connotations. Some examples are protection, defense, and persistence, but there are many more.

For millennia, black onyx has been used in jewelry. These interpretations derive from old stories from numerous countries. Continue reading to find out more about the tales, symbolism, and astrological significance of black onyx.

What Does Black Onyx Jewelry Mean? An up-close shot of a black onyx stone on a light gray backdrop.

The Origins of Black Onyx

On a white backdrop, a collection of black onyx crystals.

Onyx is a kind of quartz known as chalcedony. The term “chalcedony” is derived from Calcedon, an ancient port in Asia that was an important mining and gemstone trade hub. In too many nations and groups of people, the stone has distinct functions and meanings. We will go further into some of the stories and mythology surrounding black onyx.

Mythology in Greece

Onyx is derived from the Greek word onyx, which means “fingernail.” The ancient Greeks say that onyx was created when Cupid sliced his mother’s (the goddess Venus) fingernails with one of his arrows. As they dropped from Mount Olympus into the holy river below, their fingernails transformed into onyx.

Chinese Traditions

Black onyx is used in Feng Shui by the Chinese. They think that since onyx takes a long time to create, it has anchoring characteristics that educate the user to have courage, endurance, and belief in oneself to achieve their objectives. According to Feng Shui experts, black onyx should be used in the design of an office or workstation because of its capacity to bring financial advantages.

Indian Culture

Indian gemologists think that black onyx aids in the creation of harmony in relationships. The contrasting black and white hues are seen in raw, untreated chalcedony reflect two people’s love. They also thought that putting an onyx stone on a pregnant woman’s tummy would help to lessen discomfort and labor time.


Onyx, like other gemstones, has a lot of meaning. Individuals wear black onyx jewelry for a variety of reasons since the stone represents different things to different people. Let’s take a look at some of the spiritual and mystic properties associated with black onyx.


People have been wearing black onyx since ancient Egypt when Cleopatra wore it for its protecting abilities. It is sometimes worn in combat to defend the wearer from harm in both the past and the present. Black onyx is also considered to provide protection from strife and danger.

Protection Against Negativity

Black onyx shields the person from negative energy. According to legend, the darker the stone, the more negative energy it has absorbed. According to Egyptian tradition, when Cleopatra wore black onyx jewelry, the stone would vibrate when it detected bad energy, warning the Queen that danger was close.

Other Interpretations

Other connotations associated with black onyx include:

  • Symbolizing the 7th wedding anniversary
  • It preserves the memories of individuals who wear it.
  • Increasing self-assurance
  • Supporting the user through times of emotional and physical stress Assisting the wearer in making sound choices
  • assisting in the contact with persons who are no longer alive
  • Giving the user enhanced strength and stamina
  • Getting rid of dreams and uncertainty
  • Zodiac signs and their related constellations in astrology

Black onyx is also related to the planet Saturn, according to astrology. Its abilities include allowing users to let go of the past, distance themselves from bothersome individuals, and modify bad behaviors.

Because black onyx is said to offer the wearer strength and power, it is connected with the Zodiac signs of Leo and Capricorn. Because they are the most ambitious of the twelve Zodiac signs, the stone works best for them.

According to astrology, persons whose Zodiac sign is Gemini should not wear onyx since it might have negative repercussions on the lives of Geminis who wear it. All other indicators should wear the stone for three days on trial to see how it affects them before deciding to wear it permanently.

What Are the Various Types of Onyx?

While black onyx is the most prevalent kind, several shades of onyx stone exist. Because onyx is a layered mineral chalcedony, the layers provide diverse color bands. The color bands (or absence thereof) determine the categorization of the onyx.

Onyx is commonly mistaken with agate, however, the color bands on onyx stones are straight and parallel, while agate bands are wavier. The four categories are as follows:

Onyx Black

The moniker “black onyx” comes from the fact that it has no color banding and is just one color: black. Because real black onyx is very uncommon, it is generally made from grey chalcedony that has been treated to render it black.

Onyx Carnelian gemstone isolated on a white backdrop

Carnelian onyx contains red and white color bands. Iron is responsible for the red hue. It has been used for amulets and other jewelry since ancient times and is supposed to be linked with the monarchy. It is also known as Cornelian onyx and is said to be a fortunate gemstone.

Onyx Niccolo

This onyx has a transparent top layer and a denser layer of black underneath it. Because of the varied layers, this onyx might seem bluish-grey at times. Niccolo onyx is often utilized in the creation of cameo jewelry.


Beautiful sardonyx gemstone rock designs on a white backdrop

Sardonyx features red, brown, black, and white color bands. The varied hues are caused by the carbon and iron that make up chalcedony. It is those who wear it who is to defend those who wear it. Sardonyx is a very common gemstone. It may be obtained all around the globe, making it relatively inexpensive.

How Do You Style Onyx?

Onyx jewelry is available in a variety of styles, including necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings, and earrings. Set in white gold, yellow gold, or silver, black onyx stones stand out the most. Antique silver looks best on sardonyx and carnelian onyx. If you have an onyx ring, place it on your middle or smallest finger on your left hand. This is done to ensure that the properties function correctly

What Is the Meaning of Onyx?

Onyx is related to the Zodiac sign Leo, as previously stated (July 23-August 22). The ruby is the birthstone for July, however since Leo is part of the month, onyx is frequently referred to as the alternative birthstone. Onyx is also the mythical birthstone for December, according to ancient cultures in Tibet.

Does Onyx Help in Healing?

Onyx has characteristics that aid in both mental and physical healing. It aids healing in the following mental areas:

  • Self-Control
    Wise Decision-Making Getting Rid of Grief
    It aids healing in the following body areas:
  • Epilepsy of the bones, bone marrow, and blood
    Feet, Kidneys, Pregnancy, and Teeth

What Chakra Is Onyx Beneficial For?

Meditation spots for chakra and energy healing

The root chakra is the key chakra that black onyx benefits. The root chakra is the center of emotional equilibrium in the human body and is positioned at the bottom of the space. The root chakra governs a person’s feeling of safety, stability, and strength, all of which are enhanced by black onyx.

Onyx works with the root chakra to repair and strengthen it, allowing you to be more productive. Onyx is generally connected with the root chakra, but it also improves the connections between all of your chakras. This makes sense when you consider Indian symbolism, which states that onyx aids in the creation of healthy relationships.

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