Did you know that wearing Black Onyx may help you feel better?

Onyx is a form of microcrystalline quartz that has long been valued. The greatest grade onyx may be found in mines in Cappadocia, Turkey’s central region. Onyx stones, according to Turks, have powers that assist protect the wearer from harm.

“Onyx is connected with power and is said to be a “grounding” stone,” according to the Encyclopedia of Gemstones. This gemstone is said to reduce negative thoughts and strengthen the wearer’s brains.” Because black onyx improves attention and commitment, it is used in many rosaries. Because onyx is a stone of strength, it helps with confidence and is beneficial for athletes or those under stress! 

We also like to combine black onyx with marcasite. Marcasite crystals are the mineral iron sulfide, which is essentially iron and sulfur in about equal parts. Despite being made to look like diamonds, marcasite jewelry has gained popularity in its own right. Marcasite, which is less costly yet just as sparkling as diamonds, is used to make jewelry that is both appealing and economical.

Silver with black onyx is very popular right now! These sterling silver jewelry pieces offer a stunning visual contrast.

We’re seeing a lot of black and white mixes in apparel right now! Our Antika black onyx and white quartz earrings are ideal for completing a “black and white” ensemble.

We offer a complete range of Black Onyx jewelry at Beksan Designs, with black onyx set in 24kt gold vermeil or sterling silver, and some with marcasite for extra glitter. All are intended to make you feel gorgeous in a variety of ways. is where you may shop. The elegance of Black Onyx, whether as a ring, bracelet, earring, or necklace, will encourage you to look good and feel great! Have fun with it!

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