Butterflies fly up to 3,000 kilometers to escape the cold, only to be KILLED by people!
Help the Butterflies! Recent wildfires and climate change have killed many butterflies. Only 29,000 monarch butterflies remain in the globe, with a 97 percent population decline!

Charity Jewelry! With this anklet, you may Adopt Your Own Unique Butterfly. Each purchase will also help save our pollinator world.

Your purchase matters! Butterflies are beautiful animals whose variety we risk losing if we fail to address their dangers. This unusual anklet will surely attract attention and spark discussion on climate change and the need to save our beautiful tiny buddies.

Purposeful Jewelry

Every anklet bought helps our partner Save Our Monarchs restore our pollinators’ habitat by planting milkweeds (the butterflies’ primary food source).

Beautifully designed to show your support for the clean earth movement and butterfly conservation.

Each anklet bought supports a monarch milkweed plant!

Wear it with pride to remember yourself to live more sustainably and to inspire others to do the same.

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