Engagement rings and Wedding Rings are one of the first steps taken between two people who want to spend their lives together, it is a jewel of great importance in our lives, and we usually look for advice to buy the ring. 

At Mcgee Company Jewelry, we want it to be the ring of your dreams, and for that, we have to know as much as possible about your way of being and what type of engagement or wedding ring is the one you imagine when you close your eyes.

Buying rings: The Budget For Your Ring

There is a general belief that you should spend more or less two months’ salary, but I do not consider that this should be the premise when buying an engagement or wedding ring.

The budget will vary greatly depending on the stones and metals that are chosen.

The most common in rings is the use of 18 karat gold and diamonds as the main stone, but if we have a tight budget, we can lower the karat of the metal to 9 carats or use lower-value stones.

It is vital to consider the character and tastes of your partner; these types of gifts, although they have an economic value, are very emotional gifts. One should value the effort made in choosing the perfect engagement or wedding ring.

The Metals

 18 Karat Gold

As we have said, the most common is first-grade gold or 18 carats, this type of gold is made up of 750 thousandths of gold and 250 thousandths of other metals that give it hardness and color.

It is the one most commonly used in the USA. In other countries, 14 karats are used.

9 Karat Gold

9 karat gold is composed of 375 thousandths of pure gold and 625 of other metals; in modern jewelry pieces, the difference between 18 and 9 karat gold goes a little more unnoticed.

24 karat pure gold

The 24 karat or pure gold is not usually used in jewelry because it is a metal that is very ductile and malleable; this means that it bends and scratches easily, so the attachment of the gems in this metal to its daily use is an impossible task.


Silver is not usually used to create engagement or wedding rings, among others, because of the symbolism of gold and diamond within engagement rings.

Putting a diamond mounted on a silver ring is risky because silver does not have the hardness that 18 or 9 karat gold has.

 Precious Stones

The most valued precious stones are used, which are diamond, ruby, emerald, and sapphire.

Some designs combine these stones to form rings of great beauty. So consider this while buying engagement or wedding rings online.


Diamonds are used in engagement rings because their hardness is the maximum of 10 on the Mohs scale. It made it associated with the solidity of the duration of a marriage.

Its value will depend mainly on its carat size, color, purity, size, or cut.


Sapphire is the second hardest gemstone with a score of 9 on the Mohs scale.

It is a relatively scarce stone which makes its price considerable, together with its beauty, makes it highly demanded in high jewelry creations.


A precious stone of more or less intense red color has a hardness of 9 on the Moms scale.

This stone is sometimes combined with others to create jewelry with contrasts of great beauty.

In the case of large rubies, they can fetch prices similar to diamonds and even higher.


Emerald is one of the four gemstones with a hardness of 7.5 or 8 on the Mohs scale.

It is a stone of great beauty that has inspired a great deal of literature worldwide. It is why it is attributed to different metaphysical powers.

Emeralds are very conducive to open settings that let light pass through the stone; they are often used in a jewelry setting, large stones, and sometimes in the company of other precious stones.

Hope this article helps to buy engagement or wedding rings online. Thanks for reading.

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