One of the most beautiful moments in our life is getting engaged with our loved ones. When it comes to the proposal, the first thing that struck our mind is buying an engagement ring.

To make that moment beautiful, it is important to get the perfect engagement ring. When it coming to choosing the perfect diamond ring, there are many factors to consider.

No worries. In this post, I’m going to share a guide to buy the perfect engagement ring.

Decide your budget

Before purchasing, you need to decide your budget. There’s no fixed budget. So it is totally up to you. You don’t need to spend your past two months’ salary on buying an engagement ring. You can still find a splendid diamond ring within your budget.

Choose an engagement ring based on her style

The ring that you select must be based on her preference. She is going to wear that for the rest of her life. So think well!

Just look what she mostly wears. Does she wear jewels made of yellow gold or white gold? What kind of style does she prefer? Brainstorm properly. If needed, get some ideas from her friends or family.

The Shape of the engagement ring

When it comes to the design of the ring, decide what kind of shape you want to buy. There are many shapes like a round solitaire ring, princess cut ring, pear-shaped ring, cushion cut, etc.

So decide which shape looks beautiful in her. You can choose larger shapes like an emerald-cut diamond ring. It allows you to show the size better than other diamonds.

Always ensure that the diamond is secure in the setting style.

The four C’s

When buying an engagement ring, you must know about the 4 C’s namely Cut, color, clarity, and carat.


Do you know what makes a diamond attractive?

The cut is the top factor. So try to choose an excellent cut Diamond.


Always prefer a colorless diamond range of G.I. This gives shimmery look to your diamond ring.


You can choose an engagement ring that has VS1 or VS2 clarity. Because there are no blemishes in these grades of a diamond.


Generally, the weight or size of a diamond is measured by carats. According to your budget, find the carat you like.

Finding diamond

You should spend more budget on the cut quality. Because cut is what going to make your ring beautiful. When selecting the diamond for your engagement ring, avoid the deep-cut one.

Choosing the right metal for buying the engagement ring

There are four choices for the metal.

  1. White gold
  2. Yellow gold
  3. Rose gold
  4. Platinum

Based on your fiancé’s taste, choose wisely. If your fiancé mostly wears silver jewelry, then choose white gold. If she loves more colors, then go for rose gold.

Generally, 14K gold is the most popular one. It is enduring and cheaper than other types.

Get right certificate

You must always ask lab certificate for the diamond. This certificate will help you to know whether you are buying a good grade diamond.

All the certificates are not reliable. The most reliable laboratory industry is GIA and AGS. Do not trust the EGI or IGI certificate.

Apart from this, select a proper setting for your diamond. Always get the right-sized one. Above all, add some special memory while buying an engagement ring.

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