10.20 Carat Genuine Aquamarine and White Topaz .925 Sterling Silver Bracelet


These charts help determine the correct size for bracelets, bangles, and cuffs.

Sizes of Bracelets

The recommended bracelet and bangle size is for comfort fit, so add 2 cm/ 0.79″ to your wrist circumference measurement.

Wrist measurement

In the absence of a tape measure, use a piece of paper, ribbon, or cord. Wrap it around your wrist like a bracelet.

2) If using a paper, ribbon, or cord. Mark the strip’s end and measure the length with a ruler. Your wrist size.

3) Use the chart below to find your wrist size and the recommended bracelet size. Two fingers should comfortably fit between the bracelet and your wrist. Depending on your personal preference, you may need to go up or down a size.

Metal Cuff Measurements

Our metal cuffs are adjustable to fit 16.5-17.7 cm wrist circumference (6.5-7.0″). The cuff sizes are as follows.

Sizes of Cuffs:
185 mm (7.29″)
197 mm (7.79″)
210 mm (8.29″)

Putting on a Cuff
The simplest way to put on a cuff is to turn it so the center faces upwards. Gently squeeze the cuff to fit your wrist.

PVC Cuff Sizes
The plexiglas cuffs are 5mm thick and are NOT adjustable, so add 1.27 cm/ 0.50″ to your wrist circumference measurement and pinch the side of your wrist to measure the gap. The cuff should fit snugly around your wrist and not be too loose or it may slide off.

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