Are you looking for detailed elaborative information on crosses and cross necklaces, did you see someone wearing one and got inspired to find out more, or are you looking to wear one yourself (for aesthetic or religious reasons) and are unsure if it’s right for you or not? Well, you’re in the right place. We have gathered a set of information for you that should provide an elaborative guide to what crosses are, what they symbolize religiously, their history, and if they’re the right kind of necklaces for you. Keep reading on to find out more.

What is a cross?
Basically, crosses date back to the time of Jesus. This cross is called a crucifix in Christianity and is a very holy symbol to the Christian community.

Cross: Religious or Aesthetic
You might have seen a number of celebrities and famous icons wearing cross necklaces, and wondered if it’s just something aesthetic or does it hold religious significance? To be clear, the majority of the people wearing a cross necklace are religious or do it for religious reasons.

It is a Christian belief that Jesus was nailed to a crucifix, which backs at the time was used for punishment, and then cruelly punished for crimes that he did not commit. However, a huge amount of evidence is presented showing that the crucifix was used even centuries before the birth of Christ or Christianity. The cross is thought to have originated in ancient Babylonian times before spreading to Egypt, Greece, Syria, Latin America, India, and Mexico. The cross before the Christian cross was a religious symbol and was used as a jewelry ornament by the Syrians, Greeks, Persians, Egyptians, Europeans, and Africans. Therefore, there is the universal use of this cross even for non-religious and non-Christian people. In most cases, however, it was and is used as some form of worship.

Use of the Cross
Today, the cross is used as a Christian symbol all across the world. Crosses are placed, carved, or drawn on the doors, windows, tops, and walls of Catholic and Protestant churches, respectively. Many Christians wear the cross on their necklaces, bracelets, rings, apparel, and key chains all throughout the world.

Many people believe that the symbol of the cross can protect them from danger and ward off evil spirits, while many others do wear it for religious sacredness, they also believe that the true power is not in the symbol, but in God himself, who took on human form to bring hope and healing to the world. Having or wearing a cross serves as a reminder of their faith and of what Jesus went through because he loves them.

Should you wear a cross necklace if you’re not religious?
Yes, even non-Christians or Christians who aren’t very practicing can wear a cross. In fact, non-Christians are likely to wear them more than Christians. Because the symbol has become a general sign of faith. For a very long time, the cross has been the most widely used symbol across the globe. However, just be sure to not offend any religious people with your behavior while wearing the cross publicly as they take the cross very seriously.

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