Looking to get earrings for a special someone or a special event but don’t really understand all kinds of jewelry? We understand, making an investment in such an expensive piece of jewelry is a very difficult decision. We work on providing you all the detailed information you need in order to make that decision easy for you, so you can put your money into the right product.

There isn’t a single woman out there who would say no to a perfect set of diamond jewelry, that is for sure. Diamonds are the most royal stones, due to their rare nature. That is what makes them so appealing to everybody out there. If you ever ask a woman what she wants on her engagement? A diamond ring is the only answer you’re ever going to get unless someone is specifically fond of another gemstone.

Diamonds vs Other Gemstones

One may wonder, why diamonds and why not sapphires or emeralds with their royal colors and cuts? Valid question, because all gemstones, especially zircon, sapphires, emeralds, and rubies are loved endlessly by all women who are fond of jewelry. Then what makes diamonds so superior?

Diamonds are rarer, and therefore more expensive than all of these stones. The process that diamonds go through to become in the state that they are sold is very tough and therefore, leaves harder angles and cuts, giving out a more precious look. Diamonds are also much harder than other gemstones, making them very luxurious stones. Due to their clear nature and symmetry, they appear much more sophisticated and royal, making them a top pick among the jewelry. Most important is the human psychological factor. Because of the symbolism of diamonds, they appear much more appealing to the human mind.

How Diamonds are Formed

Diamonds are formed under extremely high temperature and pressure conditions, under the earth’s surface. These conditions exist only about 100 miles under the earth’s surface. The carbon atoms in diamonds are bonded in much of the same way in all different directions.

History of Diamond Jewelry

The world’s love of diamonds started off in India, where diamonds were collected from the country’s water streams and rivers. Many historians claim the estimate that India was trading diamonds from as far early as the fourth century BC. India’s resources gave up a limited quantity for a very limited target population: India’s highly wealthy classes.

Symbolism of Diamonds

Diamonds symbolize royalty and luxury in earrings. They make a statement from afar about the person wearing them as rich and classy. Diamonds further symbolize perfection through a very difficult process of purification. It takes years for diamonds to build under extreme pressure, hence they make a very loud statement of hard work and perfection. Furthermore, diamonds symbolize that the woman wearing them is loved beyond measure by someone special in her life.

Should you get diamond earrings?

Now, although diamond earrings are much more expensive than regular gemstone earrings, if you’re on a limited budget, you could always go for a lesser clear diamond or a small set of diamonds. However, diamonds make a statement that regular stones will not. So, if you have the option to, do go for diamond earrings and design your very own patterns to make it special for you or someone you love. The best thing is, you could pair up diamonds with other stones and make them further sophisticated.

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