Diamonds have a great history. The now popular diamonds rings have a great past, right from the discovery of the first diamond to the making of the finest diamonds jewelry that is now available all across the markets.

The valuable gemstone comes from the times when the world was full of magical people with mystical powers and also true admirers. Hence, stating that diamonds have a magical history won’t be wrong.

One of the most sought-after gemstones, Diamonds are rare and each one has distinctive qualities. Not only there are rarely true diamonds, but also the number of true artisans dealing with diamonds is limited.

History Of Diamonds

Diamonds were found since the Dark Ages and then, they were used for their magical properties. They were also part of several medicinal procedures and helped in treating various illnesses.

As time progressed, Diamonds were looked up as gems of rare value. The demand for Diamonds increased as these gemstones were now being used for making Diamond Jewelry.

The miners were more eager to dig rare and beautiful diamonds and supply them to crystal jewelry makers at great profits.

Where Diamond Was First Found?

Did you know that a child discovered a crystal for the first time? Yes, a child from South Africa discovered the very first diamond while playing. It was in 1866 that the bright and shining stone was discovered at the bank of a river.

The crystal was named ‘Eureka’, a very appropriate name for such a find.

Eureka Diamond

This was when the revolution begins and Diamonds became a cherished commodity. Diamonds are now discovered in India, Australia, Borneo, Brazil, and many other parts of the world.

The Love For Diamond Jewelry

Diamond jewelry, especially diamond engagement rings are considered a token of true love. Diamonds rings are probably the most demanding diamond jewelry. However, the demand for diamonds necklaces, pendants, and other forms of diamonds jewelry increases slowly and gradually. As the artisans worked towards making more and more enticing diamonds jewelry pieces, the buyers get a chance to explore the true treasure.

If you are considering buying diamonds wedding jewelry in London, you must first know the four ‘C’s’. Color, clarity, cut, and carats are the core measuring elements of true diamonds. You can find wedding rings online along with the description of color, clarity, cut, and carats. When you buy from a credible diamonds engagement rings seller like McGee Company Jewelry, you can rest assured of the quality and value of the diamond.

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