Every women’s dream is to have a beautiful diamond necklace. They not only look great but also gorgeous when you wear them. There are different types of diamond necklaces for women which suit every occasion and come in various trends.

When you decide to buy a diamond necklace, there are many factors to consider. You should know more about this jewelry piece. So, Make sure to read this post thoroughly.

Before we see about types of diamond necklaces for women. Let’s know about history. I know sometimes history feels boring. But trust me this short diamond necklace history makes you surprised.


The diamond is a precious gemstone. People were attracted to the diamond and started to make jewelry out of it. They made diamond rings, diamond earrings, diamond bracelets, and necklaces.

The first use of the diamond necklace was traced back to 150 years ago. At that time, the diamond necklace was only worn by the royal family. Diamonds are strictly for the rich and royal ones. But today everything changed. Anyone who loves diamond necklaces can buy and wear them.

From that time to now, the value of the diamond never dropped down. They are as precious as once they are.

Types of diamond necklace

Obviously, diamond necklaces are no limits to a single design. There is various type in it. One can choose these according to their preference. Let’s see what are all the types of diamond necklaces for women.

1) Diamond Solitaire Necklace

As the name says, the solitaire necklace has a single stone set in a prong. Never judge by its single stone. Even that single stone looks classy and elegant and makes you look more attractive.

2) Diamond Choker Necklace

You absolutely know that a choker necklace is in trend. When you wear a diamond choker necklace to a party or any other occasion, you will look trendy. This usually fits tighter on your neck and gives fashionable look you.

3) Diamond Heart necklace

Gifting diamond heart necklace for women makes her feel special. This necklace symbolizes love. This is a timeless necklace. So you can gift her and make her feel great.

4) Diamond Tennis necklace

It is basically luxurious jewelry. It features much diamond and it looks more gorgeous when you wear. I hope this is every women’s favorite diamond necklace.

5) Floating diamond necklace

As the name says, it floats on air because it is suspended in a chain. Usually, a floating diamond necklace comes in a single stone.

6)Three stones diamond necklace

In this design, three diamond stones are suspended from the chain. It is more popular and it fits with every piece of clothing.


Generally, there are more settings for a diamond necklace. Some of them are prong setting, bezel setting, channel setting. The most common type of setting is the prong setting. It allows maximum reflection and refraction of light in the diamond.

The most common method used for the diamond necklace is gold or platinum. Among them, gold metal works best because it’s more affordable than platinum. So choose gold metal if you have a low budget.

Things to consider before buying

Do you go and get something without knowing anything about that? The answer is Big No! No one will buy something without knowing about it. The same applies to diamond necklaces because you shouldn’t waste money.

You need to do research and compare the styles and designs with another jewelry shop. Make sure it fits your budget. Even if you don’t know, ask for recommendations from experts. They will help you to choose the perfect design. Another thing to consider while buying a diamond necklace for women is the balance between 4Cs.

How to care diamond necklace?

Caring is the most important thing to do to make your diamond necklace long-lasting. Always keep it in a safe place and separate from other jewelry. So that you can avoid any scratches.

Another thing is never to keep your diamond necklace near any harsh chemicals, sprays, or creams. Because it can erode diamond and make it looks dull.

Never wear a diamond necklace while you’re in the swimming pool. Clean it regularly and maintain it well.

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