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One of the most affectionate pieces of jewelry is the Ring. These rings have always had a special place in our most important moments of life. They are the most romantic jewelry and it means a lot to any relationship. The most popular ones are diamond rings and gold rings. People mostly prefer to buy these two rings.

In this post, let’s see more about diamond rings and gold rings.

Diamond rings have a huge place in the love life. Everyone tries to get the best ring for his/ her lover. These are the most memorable thing in the life and it has to be special and unique. Each diamond rings should tell a story about the couple.

Do you know the historic world’s biggest diamond ring? This ring has a history and It belongs to Elizabeth Taylor and it is about a 69-carat diamond which was bought by Richard Burton. He proposed to her and this ring was sold for $1million at that time.

When the couple got divorced, Taylor auctioned off the ring for $5million and built a hospital. This ring is pear-shaped with a very large stone.

Diamond’s Carat

The carat of the diamond refers to its weight. Let’s see a few carats one by one.

¼ carat diamond ring

This diamond is also called 0.25 carat. It costs around $425 and this diamond is 4.0mm.

½ carat diamond ring

½ carat diamond ring is also called Half carat diamond ring and it weighs 100 mg. This diamond has some other names like half or ½ carat diamond, 0.5 or 50 point diamond.

If you are expecting to buy this ½ carat diamond ring, then go for it without any doubt. Indeed, it is a great size for engagement rings. The price of this ring is calculated based on its quality and the weight of the carat.

0.65-carat diamond ring

A 0.65-carat diamond ring’s value is calculated by its 4Cs: Clarity, Color, Cut, and Carat. Not only this, all the diamond’s value is calculated by these 4C’s. So make sure to choose the best one.

If you wanna buy a 0.65-carat diamond ring, make sure to consider the following things.

ColorPlatinum for J and White gold for solitaire setting
CutIdeal or excellent
CertificationGIA or AGS report
Source : Diamond pro

1 carat diamond ring

You all know that Carat refers to the weight of the diamond and the 1-carat is equal to 200 milligrams or 0.2 grams. This ring costs about $1800 to $12000 on average or even more.

Always make sure to choose the VS2 grade. So those blemishes won’t be visible to the naked eye.

1.5-carat diamond ring

This is the most popular carat for diamond rings and it costs between $4000 and $25000 or sometimes even more. If you are looking for the best quality, it ranges from about $8000 to $12000. So the diamond below $8000 is considered as poor quality and above $12000 is considered as the high-quality diamond. So choose the quality based on your budget.

Always don’t go with the trend. Make sure to choose the ring that has the shape and setting you like the most. Go for ideal or excellent cut and stick to G – I range and VS2 grade for clarity. If you don’t have any idea to choose a 1.5C diamond, feel free to follow the above things to buy the ring.

2-carat diamond ring

The 2-carat diamond ring princess cut is equal to 400 milligrams or 0.4g. This is a high-quality diamond that has great brilliance.

This 2-carat diamond is rare. So it’s hard to find this in the local store often. This ring costs between $5000 and $60000 or even more based on the stone. This ring is worth the investment.

3-carat diamond ring

The 3-carat diamond is equal to 600 milligrams or 0.6g of a diamond. If you are planning to buy this ring, go for an ideal or excellent cut and also choose the VS1 or VS2 clarity.

For the color grade, go for G – I without any doubt. It costs between $19000 to $95000 and sometimes even more than $100,000 on average. Generally, the price of the carat is determined by the Cut quality. So it is the most important for the price determination.

Types of diamond rings

So far, we have seen the diamond ring Carats. Now let’s see about a few diamond ring types that people love the most.

5 diamond ring

As the name suggests, this ring has 5 consecutive beautiful diamond stones which make the ring distinct from all types. This ring is weightless and durable.

5 diamond rings often represent the five qualities of great relationships such as love, commitment, trust, communication, and empathy. This ring is ideal for a gift for an anniversary as this represents the five years of togetherness.

Rough Cut diamond ring

Rough cut diamond means the diamond is used for making jewelry in its raw state. They are uncut, unpolished, and unshaped. As this diamond is used in its natural form, It appears cloudy and has inclusions.

As this is not polished, the diamond is cheaper than the other types. The most distinct quality of this ring is its raw nature and still, it makes the ring attractive.

Lab created diamond ring

When you heard about lab-created diamonds, you probably thought it was fake. But that’s not true. They are created in the lab and it is the real one.

Even though they can’t beat the excellence of diamonds, still Lab-created ones imitate the diamond stone perfectly and even lack the imperfections of the diamond. However, they are not as valuable as natural diamonds and they are cheaper than natural diamonds.

Black diamond ring

Black Diamond rings are rare and unique and they are always loved by people for their rich and mysterious look. This black diamond stone is great for any setting and among them, the popular setting for black diamond stone is a halo and Solitaire one.

Black diamond heart ring has a huge role in the relationship. Nowadays, people show a lot of interest in purchasing these types of rings.

Pink diamond ring

The pink diamond ring is popular among women because of its rich feminine look. The diamond is rare and 100% natural. How this color formed is still unclear.

However, the experts believe that extremely high temperatures on the earth’s crust could have made this diamond pink. They also believe that impurities like nitrogen and boron are the reason for this pinkish hue.

But it’s still a mystery. This diamond belongs to the Type 2 diamond category because of its rareness and also because its price is higher than the other diamond. So this makes a great investment.

Apart from this type, the most popular diamond ring for women often has a pave setting that compliments round, oval, or even cushions cut.

Diamond wedding rings and engagement rings have large demand in the market as they are the most important jewelry, especially for relationships.

Gold ring

Another popular type is the Gold ring. It is loved by everyone and it’s good for investment.

Rose gold ring is popular among the other types of gold rings like White gold rings and Yellow gold rings. Rose gold rings are made up of pure gold and copper alloy. It is more durable and affordable than other types. It also complements every skin tone and doesn’t require rhodium plating. There won’t be any tarnish issue in the rose gold ring and is ideal for everyday wear. This metal is ideal for a wedding ring. One disadvantage is that rose gold is not hypoallergenic.

Many designs of gold rings for women and men are available. Among these, the 18k gold ring is the most popular one. If you love both diamond rings and gold rings, consider buying a diamond ring with a gold setting.

When it comes to ring, always diamond ring and the gold ring comes to our mind. Both rings are ideal and worth money. Make sure to have at least a ring from this category.

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