Mohs scale: Diamond is the hardest gemstone known to man. It has a score of 10/10. It’s the best choice for engagement rings or wedding rings for people who do a lot of work. It’s also possible to look into ruby and sapphire if your partner likes a little color. As hard as they are, they are the second most durable stones on the market. They have a Mohs scale of hardness score of 9 out of 10.

Choose a setting for the bezel.

A bezel set engagement ring has a lot of good things about it. Firstly, it looks very sleek and modern. It also holds the gem in place very well. It’s also important to note that in this setting, the center gem is shielded from the edges by a ring of protective metal. This significantly reduces the risk of chipping or damage to the gem’s edges. A bezel-set ring also doesn’t raise the diamond too high above the band, so your diamond won’t get caught on clothes or anything else. When you think about it, it sounds like the most practical way to get a wedding ring.

Pay more attention to your prongs.

The prong setting has little metal parts that rise up and hold the jewel in place. With very little metal in the way, the prong setting shows off more of the stone and lets the gem shine at its brightest.

The solitaire engagement ring you choose should have six prongs, not four. If you want this type, choose a six-prong setting over a four-prong one. The extra two prongs will give extra protection. As a bonus, they’ll also be very useful if one of the prongs gets bent. For even more safety, you can choose platinum as the metal for your bracelets. That metal is very strong, so your prongs are less likely to break or bend.

Wide Band Engagement Rings are a good idea, as are rings with a wide band.

This type of engagement ring has a classic look, and it’s also easy to wear because it has wide bands. There is also more metal in the band to keep the center stone in place. They can also handle more wear and tear and won’t bend as easily as thinner bands, which is why they’re great for women who are always on the go.

14k White Gold Engagement Ring with Pave Diamond Band

Platinum engagement rings are the best choice

Platinum is the most durable of the precious metals that are used in jewelry. They will also be great for women who have busy hands because they can take a lot of abuse. Platinum is more expensive than gold and silver, but it’s worth the money in the long run. It is scratch-resistant, will make the diamond sparkle even more, and won’t lose its reflective white sheen even if you wear it every day. And it’s safe for people who have allergies, as well. In that case, this is the metal you should choose.

Skip the pavement and think about setting up a channel.

While a solitaire ring is great for a woman who is always on the go, we understand if you want a little more sparkle. You should avoid paving set side stones in this case, because the tiny prongs in this setting are easy to get loose, which will make your accent diamonds fall out. A channel setting is more secure and protects diamonds and gemstones better than a bezel setting. It holds them in place between two small strips of metal, which makes them less likely to fall out.

14k White Gold Shared Prong Round Cut Diamond Eternity Ring

If you want an engagement ring, look for rings with smoother edges.

Gemstones that have sharp points and corners, like the princess, pear, and marquise cuts, are more likely to get caught on clothes and hair than gems that are flat. Their pointed edges also make them more likely to chip and break. As someone who is active, round and oval-shaped gems are the best type of gemstone for them. Their rounded, smooth edges are less likely to get caught on things, and they’ll be more durable when they get bumped around, so they’re a good choice.

Finally, don’t forget to be nice to your engagement ring. Always take it off before you do a lot of physical work. This way, your symbol of love will last for a long time. You should also get it checked by a professional jeweler every six months, especially if you use it a lot.

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