Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. has long been a major participant in the jewelry industry, and since its purchase by LVMH earlier this year, the label has been embracing social media as a marketing strategy as well as recruiting new brand ambassadors, with Beyoncé and JAY-Z joining the roster.


Beyoncé debuted the collaboration in her newest Harper’s Bazaar cover story, where she wore her own label IVY PARK with a variety of Tiffany & Co. jewelry pieces. The renowned duo has a strong presence in a variety of sectors, including music, fashion, and, most recently, cannabis via Hova’s company Monogram. After discovering “healing powers” in CBD during the COVID-19 outbreak, Bey said that she has been working on establishing a hemp and honey farm.

The couple’s first ad has been launched, and it shows Beyoncé and JAY-Z, as well as a rare public appearance of artist Jean-Michel Basquiat’s artwork, Equals Pi. Beyoncé is also wearing Tiffany’s famed 128.54-carat diamond.

The new jewelry line, dubbed “About Love,” commemorates “the most legendary love tale of all time,” and marks the couple’s first appearance in a campaign together, but it does resemble the couple’s “APESHIT” video, which was recorded in The Louvre.

Alexandre Arnault

Alexandre Arnault, the company’s Executive Vice President, commented, “As a lifetime Carters fan, it was a dream come true to collaborate with such creative forces and create magic with this campaign. My heart is overflowing with appreciation for you, B, and JAY.”

The couple will front campaigns for the label, joining a list of impressive ambassadors that includes K-pop group BLACKPINK’s Rosé, The Queen’s Gambit star Anya Taylor Joy, and multi-hyphenate Tracee Ellis Ross, and is guaranteed to extend the brand’s exposure and target new audiences – especially Gen Z.

Since former RIMOWA CEO Alexandre Arnault joined Tiffany & Co., the brand has experimented with new marketing strategies, such as the unexpected April Fool’s joke that saw the label’s iconic blue box replaced with a new yellow colorway, as well as its latest marketing campaign that read “Not Your Mother’s Tiffany’s.” It is evident that the new strategy is succeeding, and it has catapulted Tiffany & Co. into a new limelight, with much more to come.

About Love

Tiffany & Co. has also created a video campaign titled “About Love,” which shows the duo as well as a version of “Moon River” performed by Beyoncé herself. It perfectly reflects the two’s friendship as well as their love, and Beyoncé’s vocals are unrivaled. If Tiffany & Co. has mastered one thing, it is this.

Most recently, the two appear in Tiffany’s current campaign, “Date Night,” which captures their well-known and adored connection. Beyoncé and Jay both wear Virgil Abloh’s iconic LV Millionaire sunglasses — as well as a slew of Tiffany jewels, of course.

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