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We often heard about this quote, “Shine bright like a diamond”. Not only this but we know more quotes that tell about the sparkling nature of diamonds. But many people’s doubt is Do real diamonds sparkle rainbow?

We know this precious metal is known for its sparkling nature. How the Diamond sparkles decide whether it is real or fake. So, this post is gonna tell you whether the real diamonds sparkle rainbow or not.

Why do diamonds sparkle

We already knew that diamond sparkle like a rainbow. Now we should know the reason why it sparkles.

Diamonds do not sparkle all the time. What they need is light. So, the main reason behind the glorious sparkle of the diamond is light.

In addition to that, experts cut the diamond and polish them to increase their natural brilliance.

Oh, wait! Do you know about brilliance and fire in diamonds?

I too wasn’t aware of this before. But now I’m clear of it. Let me explain what is brilliance and fire.

It is very simple!

Brilliance means the colorless light which is emitted from the diamond whereas fire means colored sparkles. You can see this when you expose diamonds to the light.

I hope now you’re clear about this. The diamond fire is also known as dispersion because it shows different colors when the light enters the diamond.

The brilliance of a diamond is achieved by reflection, refraction, and dispersion. When the light enters the diamond, it bounds back and creates a shine. The light hits only the particular part of the diamond and it is reflected. The rest of the light travels through it and is scattered. This is the mechanism on diamonds sparkle.

Why do people test diamonds?

We have seen that how diamonds sparkle. We know all the diamonds sparkle, then why do people doubt whether they are real or fake?

Not everything that looks like diamonds is real. There are fake diamonds in the market that looks exactly like a diamond. Sometimes, people often cheated by fake diamonds. Some of the fake diamonds are glass, quartz, and Cubic zirconium. But they have a lower refractive index than diamonds. So, it is important to identify which one is real and fake. This is the reason why people test diamonds.

Do real diamonds sparkle Rainbow?

Let’s come to the main thing. We know diamonds sparkle. But how it is sparkling decides the authenticity of that diamond.

The diamond will sparkle gray and white inside the stone. But it reflects the light only on the outer surface of the stone. It doesn’t sparkle rainbow inside.

If you see any gray and white sparkle inside the stone, then it is the real one. If the diamond is fake, then you can see rainbow colors inside the stone when you held up the stone to light. So the color of the sparkle inside the diamond determines whether they are real or not.

When you buy diamonds next time, use this method to check whether diamonds sparkle rainbow or gray. You can easily identify whether the diamond is real or not.

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