What about a toe ring on the sand? Then there’s the nose, brow, or belly button ring business Other extremes include tongue piercing and other unmentionable bodily parts. In conclusion, depending on your personality or moral background, you may find the above jewelry appealing or repugnant.

A lot of my customers had belly button rings or numerous piercings, so she demanded I carry or make solid gold ones while she was working part-time in the store. I made and sold many. However, my daughter’s navel ring caused her migraines later on. An acupuncturist in China subsequently revealed to me that migraines were caused by a nerve she had there, which had been removed.

A young woman asked recently whether I sell belly button rings. “My primary customers are baby boomers, the over-fifty set,” I replied. Have I ever glanced at my navel in years?

What is seductive jewelry now? It’s hard to tell how much gold or silver is too much. Some males and women go a little overboard. A beer-bellied, out-of-shape sixty-something old beach bum dripping in multi-gold necklaces and medallions is unlikely to be seen as a sex symbol by the women (save maybe a “Gold Digger”).

They were extremely attractive when gold bikini waist chains were popular, and I got to custom fit several. Toe rings are still a little tricky to fit. I’m reminded of an older female client who came in to pick up a repaired ankle bracelet and requested me to put it on for her. At that age, I couldn’t even raise my leg that high!

Diamond bracelets, in particular, are extremely trendy. In my opinion, only the 1955 black-faced Movado museum watch may be attractive.

In recent years, jewelry and Valentine’s Day have become synonymous. Previously, it was cards, flowers, and expensive chocolates. Unbeknownst to many, it has lately become significant Don’t we just have a big Christmas present giving?

The florist next door had a very busy day, but not me! Thankfully, Cupid has altered that recently. Your silence and frozen fish sticks for a week if you disregarded February 14th.

The good news is that you can still make amends if you “forgot” to do so. And I never remember my own anniversary dates. A long tale, I said both… You may marry the same individual several times in Florida.

A pair of diamond earrings is an over-the-top compliment to a post-dinner candlelight supper.

Why are long chains popular, with or without a pendant? I suppose sexiness is subjective. As I’ve learned, it constantly changes and develops… recall “Mood Rings”?

For your safety, please be aware that mask wearers have been dislodging and pulling off diamond stud earrings by accident. In order to prevent the agony and cost of replacing one or both earring backs, be sure yours are sturdy and safe. That is, until you use the new Guardian push-lock security backs.

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