Where can I get Tiffany jewelry?

Fortunately, there are reliable sites where you can be certain that you will receive a decent price when selling your diamond Tiffany jewelry to a respectable firm.

If your old jewelry is worth more than $1,000, contains very rare pearls, or is a name such as Tiffany or Cartier, we propose, an online jewelry marketplace that will auction off your piece to hundreds of jewelry purchasers. Worthy is an excellent pick because:

Excellent reputation. Worthy has been published in respectable publications such as the New York Times (twice), Crain’s New York Business, Washington Post, Entrepreneur, Reader’s Digest, Woman’s Day, and others, in addition to its Better Business Bureau A+ rating and hundreds of customer testimonials.

With every purchase, you will get a free GIA lab report.

FedEx shipping is free.

Up to $100,000 in free Lloyds of London insurance

The auction platform aids in driving prices to market highs.

If you have jewelry that no longer appeals to you—perhaps an inheritance, a present from an ex, or something you used to like but no longer do—you may be asking how to sell your jewelry.

Is it possible to sell Tiffany jewelry back to Tiffany?

Tiffany will give a full refund if your jewelry is in resalable condition and returned within 30 days after purchase with receipt.

Tiffany & Co. does not provide a buy-back option, but it does offer an upgrading program for engagement rings. Tiffany will provide you store credit in the amount of your original purchase price, which you may use to buy a new Tiffany engagement ring.

Tiffany may be sold in a pawn shop.

Typically, pawnbrokers will provide you rapid cash, but they will also pay the least amount for jewelry, particularly if it is a branded item such as Tiffany.

Nearby jewelry shop

A local jewelry shop, particularly if you have a connection with a jeweler you trust, might be an excellent place to sell your Tiffany jewelry. Keep in mind that local jewelers have significant overhead for their real estate and personnel, and the competition for local jewelers is considerably smaller than for internet customers, who compete internationally and have been shown to pay a greater proportion of the jeweler’s resale value.

Sell your jewels at a jewelry auction.

Auction houses such as Sotheby’s and Christie’s are often interested in very high-end objects, particularly those with significant pedigree and recorded history.

Sell Tiffany to a professional jewelry buyer online.

There are numerous internet jewelry and diamond buyers, but only a handful of them are worth dealing with. I go into detail about the major participants in the online diamond jewelry vendor sector.

The advantages of selling your Tiffany jewelry or other fine pieces to an online buyer are that they are more likely to get you the best price because their reach is national or even global, whereas a local jeweler is limited to that one location and likely only one set of eyes to determine the value and offer.

As I will explain more below, I prefer selling jewelry with over other jewelry buyers for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it is more than just a buyer; it is an online, live auction marketplace where hundreds of verified purchasers bid on your jewelry, driving up the price. Furthermore, Worthy has an A+ BBB rating, timely and comprehensive customer service, and works with you to deliver the most accurate evaluation possible, owing to a 100 percent free GIA certification. is a website that allows you to sell your Tiffany jewelry online.

Worthy has provided me with excellent service, and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Worthy is a breeze to use; they’re swift and dependable, and they sell your jewelry in an online marketplace with hundreds of recognized purchasers, assuring you receive the greatest price for your item.

The premium online auction company recognizes the worth of Tiffany & Co. jewelry and handles it with the highest respect.

After visiting the company’s offices in New York City and witnessing how they treat the jewels, I can vouch to Worthy’s exceptional care.

So, how exactly does it work?

It’s easy to list your Tiffany & Co. jewelry on Worthy.

Begin by registering on the site, uploading a few images of your jewelry, and describing it. Worthy will estimate the market price for your item based on your description.

If you want to sell, Tiffany will send you a FedEx envelope insured up to $100,000 and addressed to their New York headquarters.

Once you send in your jewelry, the GIA team (the world’s most reputable diamond graders) will grade and certify it, presenting you and your customers with a report.

With a minimum price based on the GIA report, you may either sell for the appraised price and receive the greatest value if it surpasses that minimum, select your own minimum (without assurances), or set a buy-it-now price.

When your Tiffany and Co. jewelry is sold, you will be paid by PayPal or cheque within a few business days.

If you don’t wear your Tiffany engagement ring or other jewelry, declutter and sell it.

What is the best way to sell Tiffany jewelry or a diamond engagement ring near me?

It seems to reason that you would want to collaborate with someone in your community who you may know or who is a trustworthy member of your community. I know I always prefer conducting critical business with a person face-to-face. While there are certain advantages to selling locally, online diamond buyer markets are generally a superior alternative for reselling your Tiffany jewelry.

If you wish to sell your diamond ring for cash, you should seek a price from a local jeweler or pawnshop before embarking on your quest to sale your Tiffany engagement ring or other Tiffany jewels. Ask around, look at Yelp reviews for local jewelers, and contact your Better Business Bureau to discover someone you can trust. More information about having your diamond evaluated.

I recommend you to educate yourself about your jewelry at this early stage of selling. Check out this diamond selling guide.

Do you own a Cartier LOVE bracelet or a Cartier tank watch? How to Sell Cartier Jewelry Online Safely

What you should know about Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany is one of the most reputable and well-liked jewelry companies.

Tiffany and Co. jewelry received the highest ratings for luxury brands in a recent survey of nearly 6,000 consumers conducted by research firm Kadence International, as defined by measures such as product quality, product distinctiveness, brand heritage, enduring appeal, status, exclusivity, and a feel-good factor.

Tiffany engagement rings are the most popular of all branded diamond rings, and as a result, they are more costly than unregistered jewelry.

You may be wondering how Tiffany & Co. became so well-known.

While Truman Capote may have helped, the diamond magnate was a classic long before it hit the big screen in the 1960s.

It all began in the 1830s when a young New Yorker called Charles Tiffany founded a “stationery and fancy goods” shop on Broadway. The business was well-known among New York socialites for its trendy fine jewelry from its debut.

According to Tiffany’s website, what distinguished Tiffany was its clean, contemporary American design, which contrasted with the excessively ornate Victorian vogue (imagine large jewel-encrusted rings and your great-grandmother’s broaches).

Fast forward to 1878, when Tiffany & Co. purchased a magnificent yellow diamond from South Africa weighing more than 200 carats (be still my heart) and shook the globe.

Then, in 1886, Tiffany introduced the contemporary engagement ring, abandoning Victorian bezel settings in favor of a ring that centered on highlighting the dazzling diamond.

While fashion has evolved, one item has remained constant: the Tiffany blue box.

The prized robin’s egg blue box, neatly tied with a white satin ribbon, is as unique as the jewelry itself.

What’s the point of telling you all of this?

Aside from having an amazing history that attracted my curiosity, the narrative has a financial moral to it:

Women all across the globe want to possess Tiffany & Co. jewelry, which is great news if you’re trying to sell yours!

How to Determine the Value of Tiffany Jewelry

Before you sell your Tiffany jewelry or watch, learn about its resale value and worth:

Is Tiffany jewelry worth its price?

Tiffany jewelry preserves its worth more than any other branded jewelry due to the continued, high demand for Tiffany jewelry, as well as the timeless design and excellent quality associated with Tiffany engagement rings and other jewels, as well as Tiffany’s ongoing marketing and promotion.

What is the value of a Tiffany necklace? Why not try on a Tiffany bracelet?

The price of a Tiffany necklace or Tiffany bracelet varies widely depending on the materials used, whether it contains a diamond or another gemstone, the size and quality, and whether it is made of gold, silver, or platinum. Here are some recent Tiffany necklace sales:

Tiffany Jewelry Appraisal

The term “Tiffany” has been linked with luxury for more than a century. The jeweler’s beautiful fashions and concentration on quality stones and metals have made the shop a favored destination for the affluent and famous, as well as those looking for timeless beauty.

As a result, the value of this jewelry tends to keep up in terms of resale. In excellent condition, an engagement ring or other Tiffany jewelry may fetch a tidy coin (literally!).

Although Tiffany & Co. does not provide appraisals, any reputable auction house should be able to do so for you. You might also get a GIA lab report from a website like Worthy.

Where can I have my Tiffany ring appraised in my area?

A diamond appraisal is not the same as a diamond lab report or a certificate from a competent gemologist.

Most jewelers in your area will provide an appraisal, even if it is free. This may be a decent estimate of your jewelry’s replacement value, which can help you get it insured and comprehend its worth. A local appraisal is almost always far higher than the actual sales price.

However, if you want to know the genuine value of your jewelry and how much you can sell it for, you will need a certified lab report.

How to Tell if a Tiffany & Co Item Is Genuine

When it comes to premium jewelry companies like Tiffany, there are fraudsters and rip-offs, just like everything else of worth. Here’s how you can tell whether a Tiffany ring, necklace, or other item is genuine:

How to Determine Whether a Tiffany Diamond Is Genuine

Just as a Rolex is both the most popular luxury watch and the most susceptible to phony, counterfeit copy-cats, Tiffany jewelry’s distinct, the sought-after aesthetic is often imitated by impostors.

Obtaining a certified lab report from the Gemological Institute of America is the finest and simplest method to prove that you do, in fact, possess a Tiffany diamond. This is an internationally recognized third-party laboratory with very sophisticated equipment that will provide verification that your Tiffany engagement ring is real (or not) as well as a full report on the dimensions, metal quality, and estimated resale value based on its global market research for $100- $300 (or more for larger stones).

If you want to resell your Tiffany jewelry via (details below), the procedure includes a complimentary GIA or IGI certified lab report that you can retain whether or not you decide to complete the transaction.

If you already have a GIA certification, you may use the free and fast GIA Report Check to double-check its legitimacy.

The Four C’s of Diamonds by Tiffany & Co.

I also recommend that you educate yourself on the famed 4 C’s of diamonds at this time. This is when Tiffany’s secret sauce shines through.

The four C’s are a well-known basis for determining the quality and worth of a diamond. Tiffany diamond cutters take these factors a step further to guarantee that every genuine Tiffany diamond is of the greatest quality.


Sliced is simply the manner in which the cutter cut the diamond, as well as the expertise and accuracy with which the cutter worked. The more accurate the cut, the more appealing the diamond. Tiffany guarantees its diamonds for a lifetime and pledges to the greatest quality cutting.


The hue of gem-quality diamonds ranges from the most precious, D, which is entirely colorless, to Z, which is pale yellow. Deeper colors of yellow (also known as “canary diamonds”) and brown (sometimes known as “cognac diamonds”), as well as “fancy” diamonds that are naturally blue, red, and pink, are rated on a different scale.


Internal faults known as inclusions or exterior traits known as blemishes are common in diamonds. Diamonds with no flaws or imperfections are very unusual; nonetheless, the majority of qualities may only be noticed under magnification. When Tiffany diamond graders discover that a diamond’s clarity falls between two classes, Tiffany will always award the stone a lesser rating—rather than inflating the clarity grade.

Tiffany asserts that diamonds with noticeable flaws or imperfections are never sold.

Weight in carats

The carat is the physical weight of a diamond, measured in metric carats. One carat is one-fifth of a gram, or.20 grams, and is split into 100 points.

Carat weight is the most objective of the 4Cs, yet it does not influence resale value. You may have a 50-carat low-quality diamond that is worth less than a.5-carat high-quality diamond.

There are certain proven techniques to enhance your income when reselling jewelry.

Keep your Tiffany blue box (and anything else that came with your purchase)

Remember how I started selling a Tiffany & Co. piece that was a bit different from selling your other jewelry?

It’s right here.

There are three reasons why providing that little blue box is so important:

The blue box contributes to the authenticity of your item.

This is vital to both diamond purchasers and bidders on your merchandise. Tiffany & Co. jewelry includes various different trademarks, ranging from the Tiffany and Co. stamp to the actual pieces of your piece’s construction. The box, however, is one of the first things purchasers check for to assure quality.

Why? Because Tiffany & Co. boxes are difficult to come by. They are not authorized to be sold on eBay, and they are not commonly available elsewhere.

A genuine Tiffany purchase will include a box with the store’s name in a precisely stamped standard typeface, as well as documents proving its authenticity.

Buyers want the whole shebang. Literally. Remember that when someone buys a Tiffany & Co. item, they want the complete experience, which includes opening a Tiffany blue box. They may be seeking for a good deal, but it should not restrict the quality of the goods they buy.

You will earn more money. As a result of the previous two factors, you will earn more when your sale includes the box and certificate or receipt. As I already said, make your resale as near to the original as feasible.

What happens if you don’t have the Tiffany blue box?

If you’ve misplaced your box (or never had one in the first place), don’t despair.

While you may not earn as much as you would with the box in hand, there are still plenty of consumers prepared to acquire your artwork for a decent price.

Tiffany & Co. jewelry comes with an authenticity certificate and a blue booklet.

If you can position any of these objects, add them with your evaluation to receive the most accurate estimate.

Consider this: the more information you can provide your jewelry buyer, the better.

Worthy, for example, will buy your Tiffany jewelry with or without the blue box.

The company’s staff of professionals will be able to identify whether your piece of jewelry is genuine.

They’ve been educated to recognize the details of a genuine Tiffany & Co. item.

Bottom Line: If you do your homework, you may profit from your Tiffany jewelry even if it is missing the packaging.

Bottom line: Where is the best location to sell Tiffany?

Tiffany & Co. has withstood the test of time, remaining an iconic piece of American history at each turning point.

Because of its tradition, a Tiffany & Co. piece of jewelry is very valuable, as seen by its resale value.

Worthy is a one-of-a-kind jewelry buyer for a variety of reasons, including the fact that they will assist you in selling your Tiffany ring or other jewels at auction on a live internet marketplace with hundreds of verified purchasers. also offers a free certified IGI or GIA lab report and is delighted to assist you in selling your Tiffany jewelry, with or without the robin’s egg blue box.

Do you have any additional pieces of jewelry in your box that you might sell for money?

Where can I buy and sell earrings, necklaces, and bracelets?

Where can I buy and sell unbranded gold and silver jewelry?

WP Diamonds is another high-quality service that buys diamonds and fine jewelry with lab reports directly (rather than via auction).

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