If you’re extremely impressed with the designs and style statement that Gold Cuban links make and want to know if it’s something you would be interested in, keep reading on. We have an interesting guide prepared for you on exactly what Gold Cuban Links are, how they’re made if they’re worth buying, what kind you should purchase, and if they’re even for you so you can make an informed decision about whether they’re the right fit for you or not.


If you’re not aware of what a Cuban link style is, you are probably new to the world of hip-hop jewelry, or probably not interested in hip-hop culture, rock, or pop music. That is because these chains gained popularity from the hip hop world and gained popularity in the gold link world. If anyone’s wondering what a Cuban link chain is, read on.

You have most definitely done some research on Gold Cuban Link chains before you got here, so we’ll spare you the basics. You have most probably grown interested in these Cuban link chains after seeing a rapper style them and carry them to perfect. Many different celebrity rappers, especially pop and rock stars carry these beautiful gold Cuban links as necklaces, bracelets, etc. That’s initially where we all witnessed them and found them attractive.

Cuban links are a rather unique and stylish type of jewelry design. Here’s how.

These chains interlock either round or oval gold rings into each other making a smooth, twisted union pattern. This geometry interlocks all these round and oval rings together, making up a chain/ link. This chain of linkages is called a Cuban link. Gold Cuban links are one of the most attractive and sturdy link chain designs.

Although the history of this piece of jewelry is very confusing, and nobody’s actually sure whether these chain links actually originated in Cuba or not. However, most believe that it originated from Miami where these necklaces were and are still worn in a high number.

The question, then, arises why these links are called Cuban if they’re not originated in Cuba. The answer is simple. These gold links are believed to be originated in Miami, in areas where a large population of Cubans resides. That is why it is termed Cuban, and not specifically because anyone believes they’re from Cuba. 

There are many different designs and patterns available in Gold Cuban Links, as of now. They have gained such large popularity that so many different brands are making their own, in different unique styles. You can get them in oval and round both links. There are now many different patterns, such as ones with diamonds, simple ones, closely linked links, huge links, double and triple links, etc.

They’re also available in many different colors, such as silver and rose gold.

Are these chains real gold?

Mostly, yes. They are gold and that is why they are highly expensive because they contain many gold rings arranged in them.

However, you can find more affordable versions with some retailers, with a lower quantity of gold in them. There are also artificial ones available for people who are only interested in the appearance of it.

How they can be worn

These gold links can be worn as bracelets, in hair, as necklaces, etc. They can be worn solo, with diamonds, or with a center stone/ pendant.

We hope that this article was informative in getting you to choose if Gold Cuban Links are really your thing.

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