There is a wide variety of earring models in the market, and each one has its pros and cons. Still, without a doubt, the best ones will always be the gold ones because you would not have to worry about issues of durability or shine since both are naturally high on them. Therefore, it is an excellent purchase option.

It is likely that, if it is the first time that you think about acquiring this product, you feel a little lost when choosing because you do not know what the characteristics that you should pay attention to when making the purchase are. If this is your case, do not worry; here, you will learn.

First, the most important

  • The gold earrings are, in short, aesthetic and complementary accessories, which are placed in the ear, in the corresponding piercing in the lobe. They usually complement the outfits without overshadowing them and even reaffirm the style.
  • There are many varieties of earrings in the current market, and you can get confused if you do not know how to differentiate the gold earrings from the others. There are two in particular that you should know: gold earrings, which are durable and resistant, or gold-plated ones, which are affordable.
  • Before you decide, you must consider certain aspects that allow you to compare your different options, making the purchase process more manageable. Factors such as carats, design, type of use, and size are very relevant.

What are gold earrings, and what advantages do they have?

A gold earring is a fashion and style accessory placed in the ear through a minimal piercing. They are made of gold, the carats varying depending on the model. They are bright, light, and striking, but without sacrificing elegance, making them very popular.

Among its most relevant advantages are the evident elegance they provide and a natural shine obtained by just polishing the earrings a little. The durability, resistance to external agents, and ease of combination with any color and style make them one of the favorite options of many.

It is likely that, at this point, you consider this product as perfect, and the truth is that they are a very successful purchase. However, like any product on the market, it has advantages and disadvantages, which you should know before making the final purchase.


  • They are exquisite.
  • They go with everything.
  • They have high resistance to external agents.
  • They are very bright.


  • can be expensive.
  • They are easily lost.
  • The weight varies depending on the number of carats.

Gold Earrings or Gold Plated Earrings – What should you pay attention to?

When it comes time to buy, you will likely come across different models with features that may or may not be what you expected from earrings. You should know and differentiate two types in particular, and these are gold earrings and gold-plated earrings.

Gold earrings: They are the ones that are mainly discussed in this article, and consist of earrings that, part of their composition is gold, that is, that the material is within the structure and manufacturing process and creation of the earring, which allows it to have characteristics of the mineral.

These models are more expensive, but this is due to the level of quality since they will never stop looking golden. Regardless of the time they elapse, they will not lose their shine, and aqueous agents or the oxygen itself will not deteriorate. Buying such earrings is a lifetime purchase.

Gold-plated earrings: When we speak of gold-plated, we refer to those whose base material is not gold, but a typical metal, which then goes through a bath with gold, which allows it to acquire its color and shine, but without it being within the root composition of the jewel.

These models are much affordable since the price is in the use of the mineral. Although they are very reasonable, their durability is minimal since the gold layer is on top like paint, which falls off over time due to water, the same air, even scratches.

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