Are you stuck in making a choice between getting regular big stone rings, or a Halo ring? Are you looking for information on Halo Ring Guards to see if it’s the right choice for you? If yes, you’re just where you need to be. This is a useful and elaborative guide on halo ring guards and halo rings that should make it easy for you to find out what they are, what their significance is, why they’re a great buy, and whether or not it’s the right pick for you. You’ll also discover the different options you have regarding Halo Ring guards.

What are Halo Ring Guards?

Although you may have done your research before you got here, here’s a brief insight into what halo ring guards are. A halo ring is a kind of jewelry setting where the main stone of the ring is encircled by a ring of round pavé and/or micro-pavé stones.
The term pavé refers to “pave” in French, meaning that the ring has an outer layer of micro-stones attached to each other forming a circle, encircling the man stone to create a brighter and heavier effect.

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History of the Halo Rings

Halo ring guards are dated back as far as the Georgian jewelry era in the 1700s and 1800s, where they were used primarily as engagement rings for young maidens. They gained furthermore popularity in the Victorian era in the late 1800s and early 1900s. However, these earlier engagement rings were much different from our modern style of halo rings.
The traditional modern halo ring guards of today were first made in the 1920s during the Art Deco era. These traditional halo engagement rings had concentric circles and shapes around a main stone in the center. They are highly symmetrical and have different geometric patterns.

How are these rings different from regular rings?

These Halo rings (since they have an extra or in some cases, two extra layers of pavé stones) are heavier, more sophisticated in appearance, as compared to regular stones. It totally depends on personal preference what one finds more attractive, and what you think matches your style.
Regular rings have a main stone in the center and may have a few stones on the sides. They are simpler and more singular in appearance. Although, that doesn’t mean they are lesser attractive. Usually, regular rings have a large stone in the center making them look extremely elegant.
However, when halo ring guards cover the main stone, the appearance is by large enhanced. The stone appears bigger in the center and has extravagance due to the circle of stones around it.
If you’re confused about getting a halo ring guard, see here.
Are Halo Ring Guards in fashion?
One of the most common misconceptions is that halo ring guards are no longer in fashion, which is the exact opposite of true. Diamond ring guards are selected by millions of women for their engagements, weddings, or regular jewelry. They are especially very common as engagement rings.

Halo Ring Guards: A Selection Guide

  1. Select a style from the beginning and sketch it out in your head.
  2. Choose stones other than diamonds for a unique effect, such as sapphires and rubies.
  3. Select the kind and quantity of stones you want in your halo ring guard.
  4. Create different rotations and angles in the geometry.
  5. Customize your ring band to match your perfect style.

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