Jewelry is a very personal thing. We choose every piece of jewelry carefully. When it comes to chains, there are many models. Among them, the Herringbone chain necklace is quite popular.

Let’s see more about the Herringbone chain necklace.

History of Herringbone chain

You may wonder how this chain got in trend. You may be curious to know its origin. Well, this popular herringbone chain is originated from Ancient Egyptian time. From Egyptians, this pattern spread around the world. Not only in jewelry, but this herringbone pattern is also found in textiles.

Where does the name came from?

When you hear this name for the first time, you will wonder where does it come from. This may sound weird. But actually, the name Herringbone came from the fish named Herring fish. Their body has a unique distinctive spine bone which is the reason behind the appearance of this design.

Main feature

This chain has several rows of V-shaped links which together form this great pattern. They are more flexible because of the main link of the chain. It feels very comfortable to wear. They usually come in numerous styles, designs in white gold and yellow.

Pic credits : Unsplash

Why do people love Herringbone chains?

How can a person hate this classy jewelry? I bet no one can. This jewelry is always unique to wear. They are smooth and lightweight. Most importantly, they are so comfortable to wear.

These are highly versatile and you can wear these necklaces chains as necklaces or bracelets. The choice is yours! Apart from this, the Herringbone chain necklace looks stunning with any outfit. You can wear this to work or casual settings without any doubt.

Choosing material

Based on your style, you can choose any material. If you are planning to wear it daily, go for silver material which looks simple and elegant. If you want to rock any special occasions, go for a gold one.

Flaws of Herringbone chain

The biggest problem with the Herringbone chain is that it kinks easily. When you pull your necklace, it will easily collapse. So you must be careful while wearing this. Never wear this chain while you are sleeping. It gets twisted and kinks easily.

Suppose, If your chain gets damaged, you can get repaired from any jewelry shop. Buy classy Herringbone brackets here. Hope this article helps you. Thanks for reading.

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