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Diamond necklaces are absolutely girl’s favorite necklaces. It is versatile and available in many forms. You can match stunning diamond necklaces with all of your outfits. Do you have any idea how Diamond necklaces were in the past? It’s always interesting to know how the diamond necklace evolved now. When we turn back to history, it’s surprising to know about the history of diamond necklaces. So without further delay, let’s move on to know more about the history of diamond necklaces.

Diamond necklaces in the Early Ages

Diamond necklaces were not just popular a few years ago. They have a long history. It is said that before 40,000 years ago, diamond necklaces are mostly used in wedding or funeral rituals. They are part of the human’s most important ceremonies in the early days. From that, you can know how valuable it was in the past.

Diamond necklaces are considered a sign of wealth and power. So people loved to wear diamond necklaces. In Ancient Rome, people wore diamond necklaces in Choker and pendant models.

Do you know that diamond necklaces are considered to have medicinal values? Probably, we won’t believe that now. It sounds stupid but In Dark Ages, people believed that incorporating diamonds in the necklace has some medicinal values.

Apart from that, they also incorporated other gemstones in the necklaces. We can clearly say that In the early days, diamond necklaces had a huge impact on the life of those people.

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Middle Ages

In the Middle Ages, fashion evolved more. One of the important fashion evolution in the renaissance period is the lowered necklines. To complement the lowered necklines, people started to wear diamond necklaces to make them more attractive.

Back in the 1400s, women preferred simple necklaces whereas men wore detailed necklaces that have many diamonds embedded in them. So we can say that In the 1400s, men were more attracted to diamond necklaces than women.

In the 1600s, most people preferred to wear simple necklaces like Chokers, pendants, etc. Late in the 1700s, Choker diamond necklaces and pendants became more popular and loved by most people.

In the 1800s and 1900s, people started to wear diamond necklaces with elaborate styles with many layers. Later they started to include many patterns in the necklace and Art Deco Style was popular.

Modern days

Nowadays, you can see that there are many styles and lengths found in diamond necklaces so that you can choose the perfect one for you. One can find the Cuban link necklace with diamonds and diamond accent two-tone key pendant necklace in sterling silver and 10k gold. Not only is it limited to this, but you can also find plenty of designs in the diamond necklace.

Another thing about the diamond necklace in the past century is that it is available strictly for Royal and the people of high society. They considered that it meant only for them. In European history, Kings, and Queens were admired for the beauty of diamonds and used that in jewelry.

Let’s know more about the history of other diamond necklace types.

Diamond name necklace

The diamond necklace comes with a name that you can customize. This necklace was first popular in 1980. It was quite famous among young people.

History of diamond key necklace

Diamond accent key pendant necklace is one of the popular necklaces. In the olden days, these key necklaces are believed to unlock new opportunities and power. It’s given as a present for your 21st birthday to indicate that you are now a responsible person to hold a senior position in the family.

Other types like Yellow diamond necklaces are more expensive than white diamonds but they are less expensive than other colored diamonds. Cuban link necklace with diamonds originated in Miami and this trend was made by DJ Kool.

Diamond necklace choker has a history of about 100 years and many sources claim that It was first used in French Revolution. From those days to the present day, the diamond necklace is still valuable. This is enough to prove the charm of the diamond necklaces.

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