Getting your ears pierced is a wonderful journey for everyone, young or old. However, we’ve all heard horror tales about ear piercings that go awry. This page aims to teach you all you need to know about ear piercings, including how long after a piercing you may replace your earrings. If you are new to piercing, you should read my previous post: What Should I Know

Before Getting My Ears Pierced?

Ear piercings are enjoyable and simple to achieve. Ear piercings are one of the oldest types of body alteration, usually acquired during adolescence. Several sculptures throughout the Persian Empire depicted women wearing earrings. Similarly, many youngsters in South India get their ears pierced before they reach the age of five. Nowadays, toddlers as young as seven months old get their ears pierced.

Despite its popularity, ear piercing is not a simple procedure. The majority of the ear-piercing will be done by your piercer. However, after you leave the store with your new piercings, you must take adequate care of them in order for them to heal properly.

New piercings may take a long time to heal, but the wait is well worth it. As soon as you have your piercing, your piercer should provide you with suggestions and instructions on how to care for it. Here are some important guidelines for caring for your ear piercings.

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