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Diamond is the most expensive gemstone. Sometimes, it’s quite hard to afford diamond jewelry. But If you love diamonds and you can’t afford diamonds, there is an alternative. That is Cubic Zirconia which almost resembles diamond and is also available at a lower price than diamond. As it is not a real diamond, you should know how long Cubic Zirconia jewelry lasts.

Before that, let’s see a few facts about Cubic Zirconia.

Cubic zirconia

Cubic Zirconia is a synthetic gemstone that is grown in a lab ( not a natural one). This cubic zirconia is made up of cubic crystalline which is a form of Zirconium dioxide. As it looks exactly like a diamond, this one is considered an inexpensive diamond alternative.

Even though they resemble diamonds, they are unique in their character and also lack the imperfections of the diamond as it is a man-made gemstone.

Cubic Zirconia is not limited to a single color. They are available in a versatile color range that is easy to match all outfits.

It is cheaper than a diamond. So it is very popular. The hardness of the diamond is 10 based on the Mohs scale of hardness whereas Cubic Zirconia’s hardness is only 8.5. As this one is synthetic, it offers some durability but not as much as a diamond.

How long does Cubic Zirconia jewelry lasts?

I have already told you that Cubic Zirconia is an inexpensive alternative for diamonds. Do you remember this? But it does not last long like a diamond. It only lasts for a few years.

If you wear cubic zirconia jewelry daily, then it lasts for two to three years as long as you care about that jewelry. If you wear cubic zirconia for only special occasions, it can last for about five years. Unlike diamonds, they can easily get scratched.

Factors contributing to the damage of Cubic Zirconia

The first reason for cubic zirconia getting damaged is by water. Whenever your cubic zirconia jewelry gets in contact with water, it will become dull.

Some harsh chemicals like Ammonia can also damage your cubic zirconia jewelry. Apart from that, hair spray, makeup products, bleach, household cleaners also damage the cubic zirconia jewelry.

How to maintain this jewelry?

If you maintain Cubic Zirconia jewelry properly, It can last longer. Never wear this jewelry while swimming. Because chlorine in the water causes more damage to the jewelry. So this is the reason why you should not wear jewelry while swimming. Not only this, you should avoid wearing any jewelry while swimming.

The chemicals, cosmetics, and hair sprays can make your jewelry dull. So avoid keeping your jewelry near these things. Always maintain your jewelry in a soft pouch or you can keep it in the jewelry case.

You can even clean your jewelry with a soft brush along with lukewarm water with mild liquid soap. Just scrub your cubic zirconia gently with a brush by dipping it into the soap mixture.

After the scrubbing process is over, you should rinse the jewelry with warm water and then pat it dry using a cotton cloth. You should follow these procedures whenever required.

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