Natural black diamonds are often found to have a variety of defects and inclusions. As a result, they must undergo heat treatment with carbon to smooth out their roughness. Thus, the next time you see a $1500 black diamond next to a $150 AAA grade diamond, do not be confused. The one priced at $1500 has untreated black diamonds, while the one priced at $150 contains treated black diamonds.

Why are black earring diamonds less expensive?

Many of us wonder why black diamonds are more affordable than other colors. One of the most compelling reasons is that, although they are popular, their demand is lower than that of their competitors.

Additionally, treated diamonds are always less expensive than raw diamonds. If you notice a price discrepancy, do not be alarmed; black diamonds are natural.

Due to lower demand and treatment, black diamonds are more affordable, which is the greatest incentive to acquire one.

Why are black diamond earrings trending?

Even if demand for black diamonds is limited as a result of many misconceptions, the tendency continues to rise each year. Yes, celebrities have been wearing black diamonds on the red carpet for almost a decade.

Black diamonds are becoming more popular in contemporary jewelry since they complement any style. Due to the high quality of black diamonds, the renowned jeweler employs them in their jewelry.

Where can I purchase a black diamond earrings?

Finally, after you understand just what carbonado diamonds are, You’re probably thinking about where to get a black diamond and who to trust. To be sure, there are many producers of this one-of-a-kind jewel, but not everyone earns your confidence.

Personally, I recommend McGee, since it has been a well-known brand for almost 40 years. They are more likely to provide you with real and genuine black diamonds at the lowest pricing.

McGee established itself as a prominent provider of precious diamonds in black color by servicing the majority of renowned jewelers and earning their confidence.

McGee has the knowledge and will provide you with diamonds of the highest grade. They have a large inventory of carbonados in a variety of shapes and sizes. Not only does it come in round brilliant cut and other beautiful forms, but also in geometric shapes.

McGee’s experienced diamond cutters are capable of cutting diamonds to your specifications. As a result, they also provide custom-made services for jewelers.

Where will your black diamond jewelry be created?

Locate a jeweler that is knowledgeable about black diamonds and how to create jewelry with them. Not all jewelers create black diamond jewelry; only well-known companies and a few startups do it on a bespoke basis to ensure their clients are satisfied.

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