Gold is the best investment ever. You often heard this many times in your life. If you wanna buy or sell a 14k gold bracelet, you need to know how worth it is.

We can’t decide how much is a 14k gold bracelet just by a single factor. So, this post will help you exactly to find the worth of the 14k gold bracelets.

First of all, you should know different types of gold like 10k, 14k, 18k, 24k. Here, the K stands for Karat which expresses the purity of the gold. 24K gold is the purest of all. It has 99% gold in it. So, it is the most expensive one in the market. 14K gold means it has only 58.3% gold. So, its value is lower than 24K gold.

We can not make more designs with pure gold, so that’s why we mix other metals like silver, copper, etc to make jewelry. The value of the jewelry differs based on the percentage of the actual gold present in it.

Know the gram of your 14k gold bracelet

If you know the Karat of your gold bracelet, the second step is to know the grams of gold present in your bracelet.

It is easy to know the weight of your 14K gold bracelet. All you have to do is weighing the piece. After that note down the weight of your bracelet.

Some of your gold bracelets have gemstones in them. Do you know the truth?

The stones present in your gemstones are not considered for the price while you trying to sell that. Because gold dealers only focus on the gold, not the stone part. It’s just for decoration purposes.

So, it is important to know the exact gram of the gold in your bracelet. To know this, you need to multiply the weight of the bracelet with the Karat of your bracelet.

Here’s the example of weight calculation:

If your total weight of the 14k gold bracelet is 25g, to find the gram of the gold, you need to multiple the gram of the total weight of the bracelet with the karat percentage.

25g × 58.3 = 14.5 g of pure gold.

Now, we know that only 14.5 g is presented in your 25g gold bracelet.

Calculating the worth

Half of your work is done. We are in the last part of the calculation. Here we are going to calculate the price of your 14k gold bracelet.

Before that, you should know that the price of gold varies every day. Here’s where you can check the price of gold. Now, let’s calculate the price.

To calculate the gold bracelet’s worth, you need to multiply the grams of pure gold by the price of gold per gram.

It is the way to know how much is a 14k gold bracelets worth. I hope you are clear now. Thanks for reading.

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