14k White Gold Shared Prong Round Cut Diamond Eternity Ring

When you plan to buy a wedding ring, it feels overwhelming to choose the best one. But If you are new to buying jewelry, you should know how much is a real diamond wedding ring. So that you can get some ideas on buying the wedding ring and setting a budget for that.

A real diamond wedding ring costs approximately between $3000 to $6000. This varies based on the setting used in the ring and the quality of the diamond. There is no fixed rate for a real diamond wedding ring.

Generally, a 1-carat diamond can cost $2000 or sometimes even $12000. That’s based on the diamond that you choose. If you’re looking for a good quality diamond ring, then it costs between $4500 to $6000.

The price of the diamond is calculated based on the carat. If the carat weight of the diamond is higher, then the price will be higher too.

The diamond wedding ring is also charged based on the setting, type of metal, design, and extra stones used in the ring. By evaluating all these things, the price of the diamond is calculated. On average, wedding rings can range from $180 to higher than $2000. So everything is based on the type of ring you choose.

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How are real diamond wedding rings valued?

You already know that when it comes to the diamond ring, the price is not focused on the diamond alone. It’s also based on the metals you use and the settings. But In this, diamonds cost more. Because you already knew that diamond is a precious metal and investing in diamonds is worthy of it.

Now let’s see how the diamond is valued. Generally, people calculate the value of the diamond ring by the 4C’s. These 4c’s are Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat.

As you know, diamonds are available in various colors like blue, yellow, black, and pink. But among them, a colorless diamond is the most precious one. It doesn’t mean other colored ones are not worth it. It’s just less valuable than the colorless one. It easily allows the light to pass through it. So there you can see great dispersion of light.

The White diamonds are graded from D to Z where D means Completely Colorless and Z means noticeable color.

Then the 2nd C in 4C is the Carat. It means the weight of the diamond. As the carat of the diamond increases, the cost of the diamond also increases.

3rd C is Clarity. It describes how pure the diamond is. Geologist grades the clarity of the diamond using 10X magnification. The clarity of the diamond ranges from IF to I3.

Finally one is the Cut. It is the most important factor. Apart from these, diamond is also valued by the culet, Girdle thickness, and laser inscription. Certified diamonds also add so much value to your diamond wedding ring.

A real diamond wedding ring is more precious and costs higher than the normal one. Hope this post helps you. Thanks for reading.

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