A gold chain is a common addition to a jewelry collection and is often worn. It is a versatile piece that can be used for practically any event or outfit. A clean gold chain has a wonderful luster and may be kept that way if properly cared for.

While gold chains are not as difficult to keep as silver chains, they may lose their shine and become dull with time. This occurs when dirt and filth accumulate on the chain, which is caused by body oils, make-up, body lotions, and other contaminants.

Cleaning and restoring the brilliance of a gold chain, on the other hand, is not difficult. Furthermore, since a gold chain does not include any gemstones or other components, cleaning it is simple and uncomplicated.

Here are several approaches you may take:

1st Method – Soap and Water
It may seem apparent, but sometimes keeping things simple works best. Choose a mild liquid soap and combine it with warm water in a container. Soak your gold chain in sudsy water for a few minutes before gently rubbing it with a delicate cloth or a very soft toothbrush. Clean the gold chain all the way along its length.

When you’re finished, properly clean and towel dry the gold chain. To buff the gold chain and increase its luster, use a jewelry polishing cloth or just a soft cloth. When polishing your gold chain, use a soft cloth that is not abrasive, since this might harm the metal.

Ultrasonic Cleaner (Method 2)
If warm water and soap aren’t able to restore the brilliance of your gold necklace, consider utilizing an ultrasonic cleaning. An ultrasonic cleaner works by sending high-frequency sound waves into the water, which causes bubbles and ultrasonic vibrations. This agitation successfully eliminates any impurities that have been attached to your gold chain.

In the ultrasonic cleaner, you may use a professional cleaning solution or prepare your own. Follow the directions carefully and avoid overloading the ultrasonic cleaner. After a few minutes, your gold chains should be squeaky clean and free of pollutants.

Ultrasonic cleaners may be purchased for around $25. Check out our guide to the best ultrasonic cleaners for the house.

Method 3 – Bring Your Gold to a Boil
Cleaning gold chains with boiling water is a simple and efficient approach to remove contaminants such as oils, grease, and wax. This approach is safe since a gold chain is made of pure gold. Gold can withstand boiling water and is not harmed in any way.

To clean your gold chain in this manner, first bring water to a boil. Place the gold chain in a glass or metal container (soft plastic containers should be avoided as they might melt) and cover with boiling water. Keep the gold chain submerged in water until it is safe to handle. Rinse and thoroughly dry the gold.

How to Take Care of Your Gold Rope And Box Chain

If your gold still lacks shine after cleaning, you may need to get the chain professionally cleaned by a jeweler. If your gold chain is gold plated, it may need to be replated to restore its luster. When using ultrasonic cleaners or cleaning cloths on gold-plated chains, be careful not to cause the gold plating to flake or peel.

When keeping your gold chain, keep it separate, preferably in a fabric-lined box or velvet purse. This maintains it clean and prevents it from getting scratched by other things. Store gold apart from harder metals such as platinum, since the gold may be readily damaged by it.

Because gold chains tangle easily, one technique to prevent this is to thread your gold chain through a straw. This will keep the chain tangle-free and is particularly useful while traveling with jewelry. Cut the straw in half to make it easy to fold the chain into a smaller size for storing.

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