How should I look after my jewelry?

Tiffany & Co. has maintained the finest standards in design, materials, and workmanship since 1837, producing jewelry that has been handed down from generation to generation. You can help maintain and safeguard your jewelry for years to come with some easy, basic maintenance.

If excellent jewelry is properly cared for, it may become a valued family heritage over time. Dust, pollution, and everyday use all work together to dull the radiance of diamonds. Gold, platinum, and silver jewelry surfaces may get tarnished. The loss of a stone or an entire piece of jewelry may be caused by worn prongs and clasps.

Professional cleanings are advised at least once a year. We strongly advise you to return your Tiffany & Co. jewelry to us for expert service. Their team is competent and trained in all areas of jewelry maintenance, including gemstone cleaning, pearl restringing, and clasp and earring back repair.

Sterling Silver Jewelry by Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany exclusively works with sterling silver, which is one of the most beautiful and brilliant metals. Because sterling silver is a valuable metal, it may need to be cleaned from time to time. Your silver will maintain its beauty and character for many years if properly cared for.

The First Silver Care Rule

Sterling silver tarnishes when exposed to salt air and sulfur-containing materials, such as rubber bands and certain papers. However, silver that is worn often requires less maintenance, hence Tiffany highly advises you to wear your silver every day.

Silver Care in General

Gently massage the silver several times with a soft cloth and a tiny bit of Tiffany’s silver men’s jewelry cleaning. The silver should then be properly rinsed in warm water and gently dried. This will remove the tarnish and dullness, restoring the luster of your sterling silver. Please keep in mind that chlorine and bleach hasten tarnishing and should be avoided.

Particular Considerations

An oxidized finish is the purposeful blackening of fissures in a silver object’s ornamentation to make its artistic features stand out more clearly. Take caution, since aggressive washing and polishing might destroy this surface.

Silver Storage

Silver must be kept dry and carefully preserved once it has been cleaned and polished. Their Tiffany Blue® flannel bags will protect it from abrasion and help to avoid tarnish. Pacific cotton bags are also quite excellent in preventing tarnish.

Tiffany & Co. sterling silver jewelry, flatware, and hollowware are all available for silver polishing. If you want your silver polished, please visit your local Tiffany & Co. location or call Client Care at 800 843 3269.

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Jewelry made of gold and platinum

Most gold and platinum jewelry may be cleaned using a non-abrasive cleaner in between professional services. Examine your jewelry on a regular basis to ensure that the settings are tight and the clasps and joinings are secure.

Avoid exposing gold jewelry to household bleach, which may rapidly tarnish and potentially dissolve the metal.

Jewelry storage is also essential. All Tiffany & Co. jewelry is wrapped in a protective box, container, or tarnish-resistant bag at the time of purchase. We suggest that you store it in its original case or another adequately lined box or bag between wearings.

Jewelry with Gemstones

With all of your jewelry, you need to take some simple measures. However, as shown in this section, certain jewels need particular care.

Take precautions to protect your jewelry from hard surfaces and prevent contact with abrasive surfaces. Even a diamond may be chipped if struck with enough power or at the appropriate angle. Many gemstones, including amethyst, emerald, kunzite, opal, pearl, peridot, tanzanite, and tourmaline, are very fragile and readily abraded. When impacted, enamel may also crack or scrape. Gemstones have the ability to scrape other gemstones and wear away at costly metals. As a result, avoid stacking rings and bracelets that are susceptible to abrasion. Jewelry may be harmed by extreme heat, fragrances, cosmetics, ultrasonic cleaning, and household chemicals.

To clean diamonds, use a soft bristle brush and a moderate solution of six parts water to one part ammonia.

If worn often, pearls should be properly cleaned and restrung once a year. Wipe pearls gently with a moist towel between cleanings.

Download the Complete Gemstone Care PDF

Jewelry by Rubedo®

Rubedo®, a one-of-a-kind Tiffany metal, captures the rose glow of daybreak. The brilliance of this luminous metal is easy to maintain, and with appropriate care, your Rubedo® metal creations may endure for generations.

Care for Rubedo®

Rubedo® metal, like sterling silver, may tarnish when exposed to salt air and sulfur-containing goods, such as rubber bands and certain papers. Use Tiffany silver polish or another high-quality brand to remove tarnish or fingerprints from Rubedo®. Some “dip” polishes are made with harsh chemicals and should be avoided. It is not suggested to use electrolytic cleaning (aluminum foil, salt, and baking soda in a water base.

Begin by applying the polish with a gentle cloth or sponge. Rub each piece lengthwise softly yet firmly, using straight, uniform strokes. Wash in sudsy water to remove all of the polish. Rinse well with warm water, then thoroughly dry and buff softly with a soft cloth.

Rubedo® Storage

Rubedo® metal must be preserved and carefully stored once it has been cleaned and polished. Their Tiffany Blue® flannel bags will protect it from abrasion and help to avoid tarnish. Pacific cotton bags are also quite excellent in preventing tarnish. If the weather is humid, put a tiny package of dehumidifying crystals (such as silica gel) inside the bag.

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