Birthstones are also popularly known as natal stones. The stones are considered very powerful and are known for their spiritual spirit. People believe that these stones are not casually worn but should be worn according to their birth star and birth month, which they will know once they have enough knowledge about which type of birthstone is the best one for you and of which color and type along with the advice of an astrologer and a gemologist.

Moreover, these stones are not outdated jewelry pieces. Rather, they are some of the mystical, ayurvedic, and in-fashion stones around. However, read on if you are curious to know more about types of birthstone.

birthstone type

Garnet Stone ring:

The garnet stone jewelry is for people born in the month of January. They should wear it in pomegranate colors. People believe that the color of the jewelry helps in curing blood diseases. Moreover, one can also wear it in any other color such as dark red, purple, pink, orange except for the color blue. Also, the stone can be embedded into a silver base, but make sure it touches your skin. 

Amethyst Birthstone chain:

The amethyst birthstone chain is for people born in the month of February. The amethyst necklace and bracelets are usually seen on the bodies of people living in brazil and South African countries. There is no particular style, color, or shape of the necklace or bracelet to be worn in. However, purple is recommended as the lucky color. 

Jade Birthstone earrings:

The jade birthstone is popularly known for keeping the evil spirit and vibe away from you. The mystical stone is suggested for the people born in March and for those having a star sign Virgo. The stone is only found in the color green and is usually recommended to own it in the form of earrings. The stone is a symbol of pure and selfless love. 

Diamond pendant Birthstone:

The gemstone is best for people born in the month of April. This birthstone is an ayurvedic stone known for its benefits to your body. You can absolutely emend it in any shape you like. However, the diamond you choose for it should be recommended by your astrologer and gemologist according to your stars. Moreover, because it is made of diamonds, a heart-shaped pendant is the best option one should go for. 

Emerald Birthstone:

The emerald gemstone is an ancient gemstone and is suggested for the people born in the month of May. Also, the stone showed great benefit for people with cancer or Taurus signs. The emerald is a green ancient gemstone that was used to cure eyesight issues and can be made in any jewelry piece. Whether it be a necklace, earrings, anklet or whatever you like. 

Pearl Birthstone:

The pearl birthstone is great for people born in the month of June and is also considered an acute and impressive gift for new couples. The pearl stone necklace is a modern and authentic neckpiece that can never be out of fashion. 

Ruby Birthstone Ring:

The ruby birthstone ring is for people born in the month of July. The ruby birthstone is a beautiful and attractive red-colored stone and is considered the most precious gemstone after diamond and emerald. For ladies, the ruby birth necklace is popular for hefty occasions while for men the ruby ring is the perfect accessory to carry. 

Sapphire Birthstone necklace:

The sapphire birthstone is classified for people born in the month of September. The color of the gemstone is red which denotes love. The stone can be shaped in a beautiful pendant and is a perfect gift for elderly people on their marriage anniversary. 

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