When a loved one is cremated, deciding what to do with their ashes may be tough. You know they deserve to be remembered in a manner that reflects their desires while also honoring the person they were. You could consider storing their ashes in an urn in your house or dispersing them in the ocean or another outdoor place that they adored.

These are time-honored customs, yet they have a finality to them. It’s difficult enough to let go when you want to keep their memories alive. This is why many individuals contemplate making cremation jewelry out of their loved one’s ashes.

If you want to keep your loved one near to you, there are businesses that can turn ashes into jewelry.

What exactly is cremation jewelry?

Cremation jewelry includes everything from cremation diamonds to urn necklaces and bracelets that include your loved one’s ashes. The procedure of turning ashes into jewelry, as well as the cost and length of time required, vary depending on the kind of jewelry you choose.

Cremation jewelry is more than simply a loving tribute to the person you’ve lost; it’s an opportunity to commemorate them by creating something that includes or is created from their cremated ashes. Human ashes jewelry may serve as a conversation starter, enabling you to speak about your loved ones while keeping their memory alive. It may even become a family heirloom, handed down through generations along with tales and pictures.

How to Transform Ashes Into Jewelry?

There are many ways to commemorate your loved one with cremation jewelry. Here’s all you need to know about the procedures, pricing ranges, and other details.

Jewelry for urns

Urn jewelry is just a tiny hollowed-out container that you will fill with the ashes of a loved one. It may be a charm or a bead for a bracelet, although it is most frequently found as a necklace. An urn pendant is a great choice for a necklace created from ashes.

Many individuals prefer to fill their urn jewelry with strands of hair or dirt from the burial place instead of ashes. When you purchase human ashes jewelry, you will be provided instructions on how to fill it. They often contain tiny screws and funnels to assist you in filling the aperture without spilling — as well as for instructions on how to securely seal the chamber so nothing escapes. The most inexpensive form of cremation jewelry is urn jewelry.

Beads for cremation

Cremation beads are created by melting down the glass and combining it with the ashes of a loved one. You may choose the hue — perhaps the color of their birthstone or eyes — to make each bead as distinct and special as their loved one.

This choice is somewhat more costly than urn jewelry, but it is less expensive than diamonds or crystals. Because cremation beads are so flexible, you can make your own customized bracelet or necklace out of ashes.

Jewelry made to order

Custom jewelry is produced in the same way as cremation beads, but the finished result is a pendant rather than a bead. There are more forms and hues to select from, and many cremation jewelry manufacturers can even incorporate patterns. You may select between new and recycled glass; new glass can typically be colored in various colors, while recycled glass will be a light green hue.

To create cremation beads and other glass jewelry, the glass is heated to nearly 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit to liquefy it, and then the ashes are mixed into the liquid glass. Because the heat is so intense, the carbon in the ashes tends to burn out, transforming the usually dun-colored ashes into a dazzling white.

Diamonds for cremation

Many individuals who are considering how to turn ashes into jewelry consider cremation diamonds. In recent years, this kind of cremation jewelry has grown in favor.

Cremation diamonds are completely composed of a person’s ashes. To create the cremation diamond, about 8 ounces of ashes are put in a metal container and fired to temperatures above 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Everything but the carbon oxidizes at this heat.

Carbon is heated until it transforms into graphite. This graphite is inserted into a diamond seed crystal and placed inside a press, where it is heated to about 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit.

The graphite is then put aside to crystallize, which takes a few weeks. The crystal is cut and polished to your requirements before being placed in a setting of your choosing. The whole process of creating a cremation diamond may take eight to 10 months and can cost thousands of dollars.

Cremation jewelry alternatives

There are other alternatives if you enjoy the concept of utilizing cremated ashes to make something but aren’t interested in jewelry. Glass keepsakes and crystals are lovely alternatives to human ashes jewelry that you may use for health or add to your home décor to keep your loved one near at hand.

Crystals for cremation

Cremation crystals are distinct from cremated crystals in that they are not jewelry. These crystals are utilized for meditation, improving health, and generating happiness and good energy.

Cremation crystals are created in a method similar to that of diamonds, and they come in a variety of hues and settings. The ashes, like jewelry, are a component of the crystal-making process. The crystals are cut in the shape of an emerald, and their color stays unchanged.

Glass mementos

Glass mementos may be created in the same way as glass pendants are. You may choose a glass sculpture, a paperweight, or an orb. If your loved one was an animal enthusiast, you may wish to make a sculpture of their favorite animal.

If you want to have several things created for friends and family members who want to have a memorial in their homes, glass keepsakes are a wonderful choice.

Alternatives for Cremation Ashes

Cremation jewelry needs just a little quantity of ashes, making it a great alternative to conventional ways of keeping or dispersing ashes. Consider a memorial forest if you’re still uncertain about the ideal method to remember your loved one and want to look into other alternatives that will provide you with a location to visit in their memory.

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