You may choose it throughout the purchasing process if you know the size to buy.

We’ve got three ways of size. First, you may find out which toe you want to wear on. Many of our customers have worn them on all toes, but the second and third toes are the most popular. The sizes 3 and 4 of our most popular sizes are for ladies, and 6 and 7 for men. Certain rings in half sizes are available. The size of the thumb varies from 7-12, although most individuals wear eight, nine, or ten.

The size is everything about it.

Size yourself is essential to fit and we take your convenience seriously! Bear in mind that the circle should be a little tough to reach over your toe tip and sit in the middle comfortably.

Find a piece of paper no larger than 3/4″ broad and 2″ long.
Wrap it over the middle of your toe where the ring lies.
To make a full tight circle, use a pin to indicate a spot on the string or paper where it overlaps.
The length of the string or paper to the pen mark is measured using the millimeter side of the ruler.
Use this and the diagram below to calculate the ring size of your toe.
Repeat steps 2-5 which measure the widest portion of the tip rather than the center

The tip of the toe and the middle should not vary more than two sizes. If there is a discrepancy of more than two sizes, go to the following size.

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