McGee Company Jewelry started its tremendous journey from Charlotte, North Carolina. The company was born in North Carolina is even inspired by its tradition. So, it has the spirit to make authentic and extraordinary designs. Since the day the company was founded, it has gone through lots of obstacles. We have even seen many ups and downs. But has always stood against them all like a mountain. All the credit goes to our audience and the co-founders of the McGee Jewelry. They found the company and made it grow to this level. 

Who found McGee Company Jewelry?

The co-founders of the McGee Company Jewelry are Terra McGee and Quamane McGee. Both the co-founders are related to each other by marital affair and support each other for everything. Both the husband and wife are jewelry designers. So they found it pretty easy to set up a company that makes authentic and unique jewelry designs. 

Quamane McGee was born and raised in Waynesboro GA on a farm. His parents did farming to earn their living. We can say that he and his siblings didn’t enjoy a privileged life as children. Quamane has two siblings Dominick McGee and Marquel Sello who are also brilliant in their respective fields. Dominick McGee is well known for his great work and achievement in politics. Also, Marquel Sello is a great achiever in the oil industry. However, Quamane was obsessed with jewelry and its designs from a very young age as his grandparents were jewelers too. 

He always wanted a jewelry company of his own. This is the reason he has such good taste in the field of choosing jewelry. Quamane completed his education and got his degree from Burke County High School which is in his hometown Waynesboro GA. He pursued his further education from Boston University for computer science and has a bachelor’s and masters in business. And later he got married to Terra McGee.

More About Terra McGee and Quamane McGee

Terra McGee was born and raised in Augusta GA. She completed her schooling at westside high school in her town. Then, later she went to Augusta college to pursue her further education in the field of cell and molecular biology. She then wanted to complete her education and so she did robotics engineering from grad school at the Northern University. And later got married to Quamane.

Quamane and Terra have a great and creative mindset that they used wisely to set their career and company up. They know which design is unique and what sort of designs are the latest update in fashion. Besides the company is a record as well as stereotype broker. They have launched many jewelry pieces recently with some wonderful designs. The couple takes credit for the company and is proud of what they did and what they are doing. Besides, all that matters to them is how much their customers are satisfied with their products? 

Isn’t it inspiring to know about the co-founders of McGee Company Jewelry

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